Each time I visit Mercato, the crowd gets bigger and bigger. Seems like its popularity level increased, especially now that Banchetto along Ortigas already closed due to some issues a few weeks ago. So again, I would love to share to you my new discovery from Mercato Centrale.
 No, this is not Manang’s Chicken, it only looks like it but this is Mr. KioChon! I noticed Mr. Kio Chon because of how similar they were to Bon Chon and Manang’s chicken. The style and the presentation of their food made me curious. I thought of giving it a try, wanting to know how it tastes.
 My chicken is being painted! 🙂 The art of Mr. KioChon, which makes them unique, is painting the fried chicken with your choice of sauce. It could be spicy or regular.

I noticed that most of the utensils they used were new. And that’s what I like about trying new food establishments. Most of them are very careful on how they prepare meals, making it sure of its cleanliness.

 After around 10 minutes of waiting, my Korean fried chicken is ready! 🙂

The choice of regular and spicy, mixed together, was the best for me. I didn’t want my chicken to be too spicy, nor too sweet. In addition to that, what I loved about their chicken was its ‘crispy-ness’. 🙂 Crispy and saucy at the same time!

 Aside from the fact that I was wearing white, I was troubled to eat when I saw plastic ‘sporks’ (spoon & fork in 1). But then, I saw a another plastic. I opened it and tadaaa… they gave us plastic gloves! 🙂
 We enjoyed our Mr. KioChon fried chicken using our sporks and plastic gloves! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: Midnight Mercato Centrale Bonifacio Global City (Friday & Saturday, 10pm-3am)
Budget: PHP100++
Rate: 8.5/10