As of the moment, “I choose not to eat pork”. That’s one fact you should know about me. Not because of any religion, I just conditioned myself to stay away for now. You could be thinking how sad eating life is, without pork. Well, I’ve heard that a lot of times. Fortunately for me, it is not sad at all. I found alternatives. In this case, I found an alternative in eating Sisig. As we all know, Pork Sisig is a famous Filipino dish. And as the food scout, I need to try a dish like that. Due to that, I found Bangus Sisig as my alternative!

Bangus Sisig – a mix of green chili peppers, diced milk fish, onions and other spices and condiments to make it tasty.

Looks like the messy Pork Sisig! A good choice for non-pork eaters like me. 🙂 The taste of this Bangus Sisig I ordered was typical, nothing exciting.

Bangus Sisig could be more delicious if it was served in a sizzling plate. But I didn’t expect that since it was Banchetto. That place looked like a market so most of their food are served in styrofoam or plastic plates. Maybe the Bangus Sisig dish served in sizzling plates could work out for dine-in restaurants. So I suggest, if you are craving for any kind of sisig, make sure it’s on a sizzling plate!

Thank you Hannah and Harris for accompanying me and walking with me at Banchetto! 🙂

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Budget: PHP100++
Rate: 6.5/10