Few years ago, I drove to the northern part of the country, specifically to Ilocos with my family. We toured around Vigan, Pagudpud, Fort Ilocandia, other historical places and more. Whenever we talk about Ilocos now, one thing we cannot keep out of our mind is their delectable dishes. Our family fell in love with the province, not only because of their wonderful sights and attractions, but also because of their delicacies. To name some, those are empanada, bagnet and longganisa. So, when a friend told me that they opened an Ilocano restaurant in Manila, I was completely thrilled to bring back the Ilocos memories by trying out their food.
Empanada Nation, located in Quezon City, serves several kinds of Ilocano dishes. But if you ask me, I suggest you try their famous Ilocos Empanada.

There are two kinds of Ilocos empanada you can order in Empanada Nation. You can order either Vegan Empanada or Special Empanada.

The crust of their empanada is thin so it wasn’t difficult for me to eat and taste the filling easily. Both empanadas are filled with green papaya, egg and mung beans or monggo. But if you choose to order the special type of empanada, that includes their special Ilocano longganisa inside.

Best to add the flavor of vinegar (spicy or regular) while you eat their Ilocos empanada.

Owners of Empanada Nation

In their small restaurant in Quezon City, I felt the Ilocos vibe because every employee of Empanada Nation is Ilocano. Don’t worry, they speak our Filipino language aside from their Ilocano dialect. Plus, they’re all friendly and accommodating.

Believe it or not, an Ilocos empanada only costs PHP35 (vegan) and PHP50 (special).

In general, I totally enjoyed my food trip. I suggest you take some time and visit their restaurant, especially if you are craving for authentic Ilocano dishes.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
New Location: 26 Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City (beside JTs Manukan and N20 Bar)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empanada.nation
Budget: PHP80++
Rate: 8.5/10