During my Banchetto walk, I just felt the need of munching on something while searching for more food to order. I didn’t want to waste my time walking, being indecisive of what food to try. So when I saw the stall of various appetizers laid out, it caught my eye to try out.
I found eating squid balls, fish balls, quail eggs and other pinoy street foods pretty normal that evening. While I was choosing what to get, I thought I should try something contrasting to what I usually eat. Therefore, Crispy Crablets was the choice.

I love seafood dishes – shrimps, crabs, fishes, etc. Despite that fact, I was never a fan of eating Crispy Crablets. Well, I like crabs (especially the ‘sipit’) but never did I like those little crispy crabs. When I tried the Crispy Crablets in Banchetto, I appreciated why most people get this dish as their ‘pulutan’. Now I can’t say No to the next Crispy Crablets I see in front of me. 

The other selections – chicken balls, squid balls, etc. Each cup costs PHP20. The vinegar that you can pour on those cups were delicious. Plus, it was really fun to eat them while walking.

Crispy Crablets in a cup. Looked so cute and fun to bring along while walking. Yumyum!

The lady at the store posed with her gangster hands for the camera. Haha! 

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Budget: PHP50++
Rate: 7/10