As what I have mentioned in my previous blog entry about Banchetto, my plan was to get something Filipino, something local. I wasn’t satisfied with the first dish I paid for, which was the Stuffed Roast Beef Pizza, so it was a ‘must’ for me to move to the next stall and order another food.

While walking along the busy street of Banchetto, something caught my attention, the stall of Ilocos empanada from Batac, Ilocos. I have been to Ilocos years ago, which brought me back to remembering how rich Ilocos Empanada tastes like. I was more than excited to redeem my failed pizza experience with another delicacy at Banchetto.

Watched how it was fried deeply, swimming in hot oil.
Together with some friends, we waited for around 5 minutes to get my hot orange empanada.

Fact: they used “achuete” as to color the empanada orange. Filipinos use achuete for other Filipino dishes like kare-kare, pancit malabon, etc.

Before they served us the empanada, they had to drain the oil first for unwanted oily taste in each bite.

Deliciously filled my Filipino food cravings. Not bad for an Ilocos empanada made here in Manila. It was served hot, crispy and appetizing.

Check out the Ilocos Empanada, which you can buy in Banchetto every Saturday (12am-12nn). 😉

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Budget: PHP100++
Rate: 8/10