On my first day in India, I planned to go out of the hotel and explore the city. It was written in my goal for the day to try out authentic Indian cuisine along the streets. I was also imagining fish ball/squid ball stands like here in the Philippines. However, my mom didn’t allow me because we were told by the locals in the hotel that it is not safe to walk around alone, especially I am a foreigner. Due to this, I didn’t have any choice but to eat lunch in the hotel. Thanks to the room service button! Haha!
What I ordered:
Country Style Fish & Chips
There were three big pieces of fish meat served. The fish meat was cooked well-done where you can taste how crispy and juicy the fish was. After chewing for several minutes, I’ve noticed that the battered fish was layered with Indian spices. The Indian flavor can still be tasted in this English type of food. Combined with hot and big french fries, the main course was more than enough to satisfy my hunger.
Served on a stainless steel glass, this Tiramisu was filled with cream and chocolate powder that can serve 1-2 persons. There is nothing great about their Tiramisu, only its size and presentation. It lacks flavor and unique taste. This dessert will taste better if there were more graham bits inside the cream filling.
Thanks to room service, I contained my hunger inside the hotel.

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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