I, together with my mom, stayed in Royal Orchid Hotel for our first stop in India. The hotel looked clean and classic, at the same time the staff were very accommodating. Our first meal in India was held in the hotel’s buffet breakfast. They served both English and Indian cuisine. Since Indian breakfast was new to me, I immediately asked the waiters to orient me with what the Indians usually eat for breakfast. One waiter advised me to try out their famous Dosa.
Dosa, a popular Indian dish, looked like a thin crispy pancake and was made from rice and black lentils. There are variations of Dosa, but what I tried is the plain Dosa with their special dip/flavoring. This dip tasted like mashed potatoes with spices, which is a perfect combination in eating Dosa.
For two straight mornings, I had Dosa as a starting meal in India. I am not an Indian cuisine fan and not an expert on Indian cuisine, but this recipe is probably one of the reasons I would like to go back and eat in an Indian restaurant. It is a simple dish that you want to eat it over and over again.

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