So this is what they call motherhood? I wake up, feed my hungry baby, burp him, he sleeps and then repeat.

It’s painful.

The first week of motherhood wasn’t a stroll in the park. In fact, it was painful. I gave birth through a C-section. For days and weeks, I have to bear with the pain I feel without complaining. Choosing to be hands-on with Seb means I do majority of the chores for Seb other than breastfeeding him directly. I feel the pain in my abdomen every time I get up from bed, move too fast, pick up something from the floor, breastfeed and the worst, when I sneeze. I won’t get into the details of breastfeeding yet, but even that hurts at times. And you know what else is painful, when I see my little Seb cry at the top of his lungs while I figure out how to burp him properly. Yayks!

I make mistakes.

Giving Seb a bath was a challenge. I was sort of scared to do it on my own. His loud and scandalous cry made it more difficult for me. I tried different techniques to set the mood for him but it wasn’t always a success in reality. Youtube tutorials helped in a way, adding to my confidence. Thanks to that! What’s scarier during Seb’s first month was hearing his stressful cry when he couldn’t pass out gas. I had to wait for more than 30 minutes to hear his burp. I’m so grateful that incident happened when mom visited me at home. I’d probably panic if I was alone. I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to make mistakes. What’s important is that I am enjoying the day-to-day motherhood experience despite the challenges. Besides, there will always be challenges. You can’t take that out of the picture.

Being more prayerful.

Motherhood in just a month has made me more prayerful! I don’t know about you fellow mommas but for me, the more I’m challenged, the more I feel the need to cling on to God. I feel desperately more dependent on God, asking Him for guidance, strength and patience as I go through different kinds of challenges. Where else can I turn to? In the middle of the night, at around 3am, when I wake up to feed and burp Seb, seems to me the best time to reflect and seek our Father how to be a good mother. In my personal life, God has been so faithful. He knows me so well that He won’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. It’s just one month. Can you imagine what else motherhood can do to me after passing this first month phase.

It’s all worth it.

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional. No matter how painful and stressful it could be at times, love is the motivation. Daily kisses and cuddles with my little one satisfies. Most of the time, I just want to hug him all day and savor the moments I could still carry him. There are days I’m too lazy to get up from bed and just stare at my little Seb sleeping peacefully beside me. I will never ever trade this stage of life. There is so much joy in being a new mom.

After a month,  I realized how precious each day is as I witness my little Seb grow. One month passed in just a snap making me remember the saying, “Time is gold.” True enough, it’s that precious that I don’t want to blink an eye and miss out on each moment, whether it’s a milestone or not.

What do you think of your first month as a first time mom?
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