Guess who’s back?  Back again to update my dear readers.

Hello!  I’ve missed this online space. It took months for me to get back on track and have actual time to write my thoughts. For those of you who are not following me on Instagram, my only news for you guys is… we are expecting! In other words, I’m pregnant! 🙂

People say life will change once you get married. That’s so true. My life totally changed after leaving my family and living with my spouse. But the real big change is this pregnancy journey I’m in.

Ideally, the plan was to enjoy our marriage, travel wherever we can, just the two of us for at least one to two years of marriage. Being pregnant wasn’t included in that first year. But based on what has been happening in my life, God’s plans are always greater. He doesn’t ruin my plans. He actually proves my so-called perfect plans will never work because He has greater purpose for my life. Pondering about it, my plans are always selfish, always for my own good. Comparing it to God’s plans, His is always filled with higher purpose and meaning, all for our own good.

How’s the pregnancy (so far)?

To answer your curiosity, I’m currently on my 24th week and feeling the heaviness of the belly week after week. For the first 22 weeks, I could still wear my normal trousers, until the 23rd week kicked in. I couldn’t zip my favorite white pants. I told my husband, I really felt pregnant. Haha! Some of my clothes had to rest in the closet for months. Some of them needs to bid goodbye for my garage sale box. And nowadays, my go-to attire is usually loose tops and pants or dresses that still fit my waist. Haha!

Though what matters most right now is what’s happening inside me. The best feeling about this growing round belly is the kicks and tiny movements I feel at any time of the day. Sometimes, I feel the baby is calling my attention while I’m sitting in the office working, while I’m inside the car stuck in traffic and when I lie and rest on the bed rubbing my belly. Currently, the baby is moving while I’m typing this blogpost. The movements in my tummy remind me that there’s really a human inside me I have to take care of. What I do, eat and drink not only affect me but more importantly the developing baby in my womb. Oh God, you are amazing for using me to nurture this human. Really. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be living each day knowing I have something to look forward to – motherhood.

As a first time mom-to-be, my preparation for the big day have already started. I kept myself busy researching online. I somehow felt like wedding planning all over again. Hahaha! Back to the days where my mind is being drowned with information, trying to filter what to absorb and replicate. The only difference is, planning is not purely for me and O, it’s for the three of us, our growing family!

In this pregnancy, I feel like I moved two notches higher when it comes to maturity. I’m slowly becoming someone I didn’t think I will be capable of being. Now I understand why new chapters in life, like pregnancy and motherhood, is designed by God at the right time. Obedience to God brings glory not only to my family and to God, but it’s actually for my own good. He knows me very well and knows when I am ready to enter this chapter. Given this blessing in my belly, He is telling me and O that we are actually ready to become parents. Thank God He designed pregnancy for humans to take this long – 9 months or about 40 weeks. This gives O and I have the time to “prepare” for our next journey of being three.

To my readers, as I welcome another exciting adventure in my life, expect my blog to be filled not only with food stories but more about this new chapter filled with love, relationships and our life adventures. With God by our side, I am confident it will be a purposeful yet interesting roller coaster ride.

Do you have any tips and tricks about pregnancy? Feel free to share them with me! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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