Believe it or not, Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute helped me lose some inches. I started the year with a goal to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s my goal yearly, to improve on my health. This time, it’s a more serious discipline 2016 for me. I’ll be getting married this November and I’m doing what I can, my very best, to look my best for myself and my future husband. Any bride-to-be would probably have the same mindset.

I was invited to try the LaserFit program of Contours and it was easy for me to say yes, for as long as no surgical treatments are involved.
On my first day at Contours SM Megamall branch, I was skeptical about the whole program. I was doubting it is real. I initially judged that it was over-promising I’ll lose inches after the short program.
What is Laserfit?
Laserfit is a holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring. This is a combination of non-invasive full body cold laser exposure to melt fat, 10-minute interval training to burn the melted fats, and added nutritional recommendations and diet guide that leads to a holistic lifestyle. This is a program which provides fast results that goes immediately visible as fast as after the second session. 


Facts from the website:
When I arrived Contours, I had to fill out necessary forms with my personal information. It is where you’ll see how much it costs for each session of Laserfit. You can either choose Laserfit full body slimming or Laserfit Spot reduction. I chose 4 sessions of full body program instead.
How it works?
They asked me to enter the room where the Zerona machine is. 2-3 ladies measured all parts of my body – arms, thighs, waist, neck, etc. – during the 1st session to compare how much I’d lose after 4 sessions. After measuring, I was asked to lie down comfortably on the table bed, where the Zerona machine will be placed on top of my body.
I can’t show you my actual Laserfit session. Hehe. :p But this model will give you an idea how it looks like.
Zerona is a non-invase fat loss laser. Cold laser (Zerona) exposure releases fat from the body for 3 days. It is a body contouring procedure that helps you melt unwanted fats. According to research, cold laser treatment alone helps clients reduce inches from their waist, hip and thighs. From my experience, I didn’t feel a single pinch of pain. It was too relaxing that there were times I fell asleep. I just hope I didn’t snore. Hahaha! 20 minutes will be allotted for the front then another 20 minutes for the back.
After 40 minutes of Zerona or cold laser, I was asked to move to the workout room for a 20-minute exercise. 10 minutes were allotted for cardiovascular exercise, guided by a workout video.
And another 10 minutes for a Vibratrim session, my favorite part of the workout. It shook my body while I stood still, did some push-ups, squats and planks. If you try it, you’ll feel like your fats are tickled while being massaged.
How do I know it works? After the 3rd session, my metabolism improved. Plus, after the 4th and last session of Laserfit, I lost 8.3 inches from my whole body!!! Based on my records, I lost more inches from my arms and thighs. 🙂
If you compare my result with other people’s results, I’d say I’m the biggest loser. Haha! I wasn’t able to follow their nutrition guide strictly. I still ate more than required! :p You know what I mean, you’re reading The Food Scout! Haha!
The point here is, Laserfit effectively works with proper discipline. If you commit to losing weight, Laserfit will be a big help in losing those inches.
To inquire and know more about LaserFit, visit Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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