Quality yet affordable, the kind of dishes you might be looking for if you want to start 2016 by spending wisely. Most of us might have spent over our limit during the holidays. As much as possible, we don’t want to break our pockets yet still get to enjoy lunch breaks with our friends. Tokyo Tokyo knows exactly what we need and is actually cooking something special for Donburi fans!
This January, Tokyo Tokyo is introducing two new flavors to its Donburi line – the Tofu Steak Donburi and Cheesy Pork Katsu Donburi. Donburi is the general term for Japanese dishes where savory meat, vegetables, or both are combined together, topped over a bowl of rice. By the sound of it, we all know it’s the kind of meal Filipinos will bank on.
Tofu Steak Donburi
To kickstart a healthy year, you’d find Tofu Steak Donburi attractive for your lunch meal. It is a bowl filled with Japanese tofu, coated with Tempura batter, topped with savory pork and mushroom sauce. For added texture, you’d enjoy the tempura crumbs and onion leeks all over a bowl of steaming hot rice. I’m personally inclined to order this new dish again, for hitting both elements of being flavorful and healthy.
Cheesy Pork Katsu
Tokyo Tokyo created a more exciting flavor in the form of Cheesy Pork Katsu. It is your all-time favorite pork tonkatsu with the deadly yet irresistible combination of Japanese gravy and cheese, all on a bed of steaming hot rice.
Between the two, I’ll choose the healthier option, which is the Tofu Steak Donburi. Both are only P99/each, which isn’t a burden to your daily budget.
You’ve heard the news! Now, you know where to go next! 😉
What do you think of Tokyo Tokyo’s new Donburi meals, Tofu Steak and Cheesy Pork Katsu?
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