The food I eat in restaurants inspires me to imitate and experiment with some recipes at home. With my strong will and passion for food, particularly eating and taking photos, I am driven to do more and explore with what I can do in my kitchen. O knows how food brightens up my day. Just talking about it together is a continuous story telling about our dining experiences. Which is why cooking at home becomes one of our couple activities. We plan our recipes; buy the ingredients in the grocery together; and work in the kitchen to create the best dish we could possibly do with our hands. Since I am exposed to various chefs I meet and restaurants I visit, I became particular with the proper tools I use. On top of my list, I value safety, quality and convenience especially with the gasul we use.
I remember during my younger years, opening of the gasul disturbs me. I couldn’t do it alone without the help of our maid. The news I watch about houses set on fire caused by gas tanks added to the fear of opening the gas tank. Until one morning, I think I was cooking pancake, my dad confidently explained to me not to worry about it because the brand we use, which is Petron Gasul, is safe and tested for more than 50 years. Today, I still need guidance in opening the gas tank when I cook with O, but my mind is more assured how safe our gas tank is. The high quality of the gasul we use gives our family peace of mind, even if we leave the kitchen with the maid, as our pancakes and favorite breakfast food are prepared in the kitchen. We have tried several brands but only one brand remained to be our trusted one, Petron Gasul.
I only realized lately the convenience of purchasing Petron Gasul. Whenever our Petron Gasul runs out of gas, our driver heads to the nearest Petron Station to replace our Petron Gasul. In less than 10 minutes, he’s back home with our new gasul. Another alternative is the convenience Petron Gasul’s delivery hotline (737-8000) in Metro Manila. This assures that our gasul will be delivered sakto, sulit and safe from an authorized dealer.
As I mature into this adult life, I figured how important the brand we choose is for our home and our loved ones who live in it. The brand should have parallel values to ours – safety, quality and convenience. Petron Gasul knows every family’s needs, yours and mine.
If you are a loyal user of Petron Gasul like me or a curious cat who wants to try, there are several amazing offers you might want to look into. Save P10 with every Petron Gasul 11kg refill upon presentation of Petron Value Card at participating Petron Gasul stores. Husbands or driving mommies could also earn Petron Value Card points by purchasing Petron Gasul 11kg at participating Petron stations.
What are you waiting for foodie? Solve your kitchen worries by purchasing the trusted Petron Gasul. Try your hands at the best recipes and collect kitchen tips from Petron Gasul’s Facebook Page. (
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