The road to a healthy lifestyle starts with your mind. With all the tempting junk food selling around us, we tend to forget the value of health – to eat for health and not just for taste. In our family, the  quickest downfall of our road to healthiness is the snacks we see in grocery stores. When we see fairly priced imported and local snacks that appeals to our taste buds, we jump into the decision of purchasing them.
A month ago, I was introduced to a new healthy product called The Honest Crop. Driven to help Filipino consumers choose the healthier option, The Honest Crop makes their products available, affordable and enjoyable.
Why Choose The Honest Crop?
1. The Honest Crop source and produce products locally to keep them fresh and affordable.
2. Make healthy crops into chips, as it is one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to take in good food.
3. Partner with others and its consumers to slowly reach the ideal state by increasing awareness and demand.
I sampled several The Honest Crop products with my sister, who is not a fan of healthy snacks. Without second thoughts, the chips appealed to her, including me. It was a quick attraction to flavorful healthy chips. Compared to commercialized bag of chips dosed with artificial flavorings, the powdered flavors of Sweet Potato Chips (Sour Cream) and Taro Chips (BBQ) don’t sting the tongue too much. Lighter take and not overpowering where we could still taste the realness of sweet potato and taro.
Honey-flavored Sweet Potato Camote Chips was unpretentious, straight to the point flavors that come off as a clean and healthy snack. The simplicity of this flavor became my favorite. I could take off my fatty worries while enjoying this guilt-free snack.

Banana Saguing Chips
To know more about The Honest Crop – price list and where to find these snacks, click this link.
What do you think of The Honest Crop as a healthy snack?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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