To my Facebook friends, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter followers, you probably know the news that I’m officially engaged to O. YAYYYYY!!! πŸ™‚ Happened last October 15, evening of Oliver’s birthday. The details about his sweet proposal will be posted soon, when O permits me to. Hahaha! In the meantime, I felt the itch to share with you my insights and feelings after he popped out the magical question while holding the bling.

After The Proposal

I was in a state of pure bliss when I wore the ring on my left hand ring finger. I couldn’t think straight. My eyes were sparkling, shinier than the diamond on my ring. If you’re a bride-to-be like me, I’m sure you get the feeling of floating on cloud nine. Everything looks colorful and wonderful.
On our first day of engagement, my close friends either called or messaged me, asking details how he proposed. Oh boy, I was ecstatic to talk to all of them! I told the story repeatedly to each of my girl friends and I always felt “kilig” remembering the majestic night. On Facebook and Instagram, I was flooded by thousands of likes and greetings from family, colleagues and more dear friends.
Really, you wanna know what’s the feeling? I felt like a princess who will finally tie the knot to her prince charming.
In my quiet pink room, that’s where hundreds of thoughts circled in my head. There were unlimited thoughts about the wedding – who to invite, my entourage, my dress, my shoes, the color palette of my wedding, and the list goes on. Online, numerous bridal websites are out there to dictate how one’s wedding should be like. Then I suddenly remembered to be still and acknowledge God more than anything else. Sometimes, when you get busy with so many things, my wedding planning for example, you tend to forget the master planner of life. Indeed, I was thankful to God who made this relationship possible but I was honestly eaten up by all the excitement and my emotions. God reminded me during my daydreaming moment to take a pause and seek His counsel first. This gets overwhelming but I shouldn’t allow it to consume me. The general idea here is to understand love came from Him and it is Him who deserves all the honor and praise. πŸ™‚
I get the question you have in mind, “So when’s the wedding?” O and I agreed to schedule it next year. No exact date yet. Currently, we are busy planning and visualizing how our wedding should be. I’m just one happy lady enjoying every minute, bits and pieces of this bridal life. πŸ™‚
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