I don’t want to blame the traffic but sometimes, the traffic causes most of us to skip breakfast. You wake up earlier than the sun and often times leave breakfast behind. Who wants to be marked late at work, right? Or for some of you, you often grab whatever is at hand and most convenient, which is usually a cup of coffee and crackers. Instant breakfast!
The fact that you get so caught up in the rush prevents you from a nourishing meal to fuel you up in the morning. Now what kind of start do you really give yourself?
Quaker Oats, the leader in healthy oats and breakfast nutrition, addresses that question. Now, the brand serves up wholesome goodness in a new, delicious way with Quaker Good Start Oats Dairy Drink. It is the newest healthy fuel during your morning rush.


SRP Php 28

Why Start with Quaker Good Start?

1. Convenient yet healthy.
Quaker Good Start marries the healthy goodness of milk and whole grain oats, with the convenience of grab-and-go drink. As professionals, it gives you nourishing energy to power your day. It is like breakfast in a bottle, you fuel to get going throughout your busy day.
2. Two delicious flavors.
The tummy and taste buds are both happy as it comes in two delicious flavors – Banana Creme and Vanilla Malt. Between the two, my mornings belong to Vanilla Malt.
3. Fibre content is more than enough.
The drink contains 5.8 grams of fibre, which translates to more than 20% of the recommended daily fibre needs. Imagine, the fibre content is more than that of a bowl of oats or an apple, or two slices of whole grain bread. According to experts like Dr. Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa of Philippines Food and Nutrition Research Institute, fibre offers many health benefits such as promoting gut health, supporting weight management, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. As stated, it is that important to our body.


After cardio in the morning, I look for a glass of Quaker Good Start for a more energized day. My mornings now feel incomplete without this drink. As of now, I have to replenish my supply. Haha! Time to hit the grocery!
Now tell me, what do you think of Quaker Good Start?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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