Krispy Kreme, the world’s reliable source for melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts (Do you agree?), has fully embraced this wacky and wicked season with their sugary monster-themed doughnuts.
Every year, Krispy Kreme releases seasonally themed doughnuts. For this Halloween, they are releasing Mad for Monsters doughnuts. KK is bringing back 2014’s four Halloween flavors plus four entirely new ones.
Krispy Kreme Mad for Monsters flavors are the following: Halloween Sprinkles, Scarecrow, Frankie, Bat, Dracula, Gummy Worms, Mummy and Pumpkin.
Customers who visit Krispy Kreme stores from October 15-November 1 will meet Frankie, the kind and gentle incarnation of Frankenstein’s Monster, plus his wife. It will be an interactive experience for patrons. If you find yourself seeing Frankie and his wife, make sure to snap and share it on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag Krispy Kreme and you might win a tasty treat.
Also, Krispy Kreme is launching special Magic Money that gives fans the chance to scored Mad for Monsters treat for free. For more details about Magic Money, stay updated by following Krispy Kreme’s social media accounts. Clues and instructions are regularly posted there.
Fangs Doughnut
Frankie Doughnut
Bat Doughnut
Worms Doughnut
 Have you tried any of these Krispy Kreme Mad for Monsters doughnuts?
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