All credits to Psy for making Gangnam famous to the world! With just a single music video of his sensational “Gangnam Style” song, Psy broke the internet and everyone jammed and danced to the beat. It’s the most watched video on Youtube with more than 8 million views! Wow, just wow!
So on our Seoul Korea trip, we didn’t want to miss the chance to see the Gangnam style. After spending time in Lotte World, we rode the subway and stopped by at Gangnam station.
Associated as the Beverly Hills of Seoul City, Gangnam is the district of the rich, stylish, classy and famous.
If you want to party, shop, and dine in style, Gangnam district will let you experience that. They said, “Gangnam Station” is a spot for party-goers, as it is ranked as the #2 club in Seoul. Now if you are familiar with the brand Milkcow, a milky soft-serve originated in Korea, you will also find a branch in Gangnam.
Well for us, it was more of goofing around the area. Haha! It was a spontaneous detour with no agenda at all. All we did was stroll around, pose like crazies in front of odd-shaped buildings, photoshoot on the streets, and observe what Psy was talking about.
For a minute, I think we were attention-grabbers. One policemen approached us while taking so much photos and asked from where we are. When he found out we are tourists, he left us but still guarded our moves by staring at us. I guess, the security team is just protective of the many VIPs in Gangnam.
Reine and I were thrilled to enter the Jamba Juice branch in Gangnam! This is like Starbucks to us. Haha!
Even without snow, we were freezing outside. The temperature would always be below 12 degrees. Entering Jamba Juice comforted us with its warm temperature.
Like a typical Jamba Juice branch, the servers were courteous and casually communicative.
I wish I had more time to explore Gangnam district. Maybe next time?
What do you think of Korea’s Gangnam district?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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