Combine action-packed board games, good food and fun company, that’s exactly how you want to end your day after those demanding hours at work. I’m not a real gamer but I do appreciate playing games, board games specifically, with friends or family. There was a phase in my relationship with O when he dug up his board games for us to play in my house. 1 on 1, we played games like Mastermind, Monopoly, and the like. What both of us appreciated in playing board games is the getting to know the other person more in the middle of being competitive plus the face-to-face interaction, forgetting about our mobile phones exist. Haha!
I found out that Vince Golangco ventured into a new board game cafe, which is not too far from our area, so I called my Citibank friends and O to unwind and play. Dyce N’ Dyne, 2-storey cafe near Capitol Commons, literally encourages its customers to play and eat, that explains the name.

The Ambiance:

You couldn’t quit playing games with hundreds of board games to choose from. Some of the games in their collection are rare to find. Overwhelming right?! I didn’t know where to begin. My gratitude goes to Vince and their GROs (Gaming Relations Officer) who are ready to assist every customer. GROs are trained to explain difficult games, its rules and mechanics, in simple terms without complications. If you have any questions, the GROs will be more than glad to help you.
Set apart Dyce N’ Dyne from other cafes. In this cafe, there is a strict rule you must follow – “NO WIFI! Play boardgames and talk to each other.” Get it? I love this idea!! Brings back the spirit of dining with each other, while you don’t have a choice but to keep your phones.
Indeed, it worked for our troop. I forgot about instagram while busy playing Cards Against Humanity, Halli Galli and Geistes Blitz with my Citibank friends.
Funko Pop collection for sale! For people like my sister who collects, it’s a drool moment for you guys.
Weekends are usually the days when Dyce N’ Dyne is fully packed with gamers and diners. Plan ahead and reserve a table if you’re thinking of visiting this weekend.

The Food:

Food has a big fraction at Dyce N’ Dyne. In general, anything we do, food is something to look forward to. Before, in between or after playing board games, your choice. You don’t have to go anywhere else to dine. Dyce N’ Dyne has prepared their well-thought dishes that aren’t too messy and appropriate for a table filled with pieces from the board games. The food doesn’t cut out the fun as all dishes are named after board games.
Nachos Against Humanity (Php 250)
Rate: 4/5
In the middle of playing the well-loved Cards Against Humanity, my fingers were tingling to get a piece of Nachos Against Humanity and stuff in my mouth when it was served. Corn chips with cheese, chili con carne, tomatoes, jalapeño, and black & green olives. The best thing about nachos, it’s a versatile appetizer.
Bora Bora Bacon Tempura (Php 330)
Rate: 4/5

Bacon strips coated in thick and semi-oily tempura batter. Bora Bora Bacon Tempura is deep-fried for a crispy texture, sprinkled with bits of nori and paired with maple syrup as dip.

Chicken Skin of Avalon (Php 150)
Rate: 5/5

Deep-fried battered chicken skin topped with buffalo sauce and potato chips on the side. Chicken Skin of Avalon should be staple in every gamer’s table. Its addictive crunch gives more energy as you think of your next move. :p

Legendary Grilled Cheese (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5

Simple, classic and legendary. This Legendary Grilled Cheese, 2 kinds of melted cheese with tomato slices on white bread is my type of easy-going dish.

Munchkin Sliders (Php 250)
Rate: 4/5
There are people who desire for breakfast food, whether the sun is out or not. Munchkin Sliders comes in to the rescue! Corned beef patties with hash brown and scrambled eggs.
Rarr Gising Gising (Php 180)
Rate: 4/5
Starting with this Rarr Gising Gising rice meal, you may opt to pause your game to savor the taste of green beans and ground beef in spicy coconut milk sauce.
Camel Cup Chicken Curry (Php 260)
Rate: 4/5
I have second thoughts if O is really Chinese or not. Whenever he is a given a plate of anything with curry sauce, he is instantly magnetized. Haha! I also think this Camel Cup Chicken Curry, crispy fried chicken and mojo potatoes with yellow curry sauce, was his favorite at Dyce N’ Dyne.
Quirkle Chicken Salpicao (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
A punch of oriental flavors are in this Quirkle Chicken Salpicao. Pan seared chicken thigh with hoisin sauce and diced chilies on top of aglio olio pasta.
King of Kare-Kare (Php 300)
Rate: 4/5
You can start your own little feast by bringing out this King of Kare-Kare. I love the crispy beef ribs and tripe bathed in peanut butter sauce. It leaves a smooth nutty note that deserves a big cup of rice.

Drinks by Chemistea

Dyce N’ Dyne took me back to our high school lab class with their drinks by Chemistea. You could become a “scienTEAst” by formulating your own tea. If you’re too busy playing your board games, then just seek the advise of their menu and choose from the range of tea beverages.
Matcha Latte (Php 125), Strawberry Jasmine (Php 85) and Green Kiwi (Php 85)
White Rhino (Php 130)
Whether we won or lost in a game, we can’t deny we all want to head back to Dyce N’ Dyne to play one more game. Wait no, not just one but all other board games sitting on the shelves! I think I’ll turn into a real gamer if my house is just a kilometer away from the cafe. If that wasn’t a weekday, we would probably be in the cafe until the doors close.
What do you think of Dyce N’ Dyne?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Location: Elements Bldg., Pasig Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 4:00PM-12:00MN
Contact: (+63 917) 805-5348
Budget: PHP300++

Food 7/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.5/10