I live to discover new things, new ideas and definitely new food. My brain cells liven up and my heart jumps for joy when I am presented with new dishes I’ve never tried before. I possess the blood of being adventurous in what I eat and I bet you have the same too, which is why I’m not surprised you’re reading this blogpost.
Then I guess new food discoveries also call your attention, especially if it’s drool-worthy! 
Nestled within the quiet environment of McKinley Hill, Tuscany charms whatever you’re craving for – Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, breakfast food, etc. One row of endearing restaurants offers a variety of new dining concepts and cuisines. Join me as I look closer at 10 unique offerings from the restaurants in Tuscany at McKinley Hill.

1. Chorizo on Piggy Back (Terry’s Selection)

Chorizo on Piggy Back (Php 310)
Terry’s has been associated as a top go-to Spanish restaurant since its first branch. It’s good news for Spanish cuisine enthusiasts to find Terry’s Selection in McKinley, closer to Filipinos and foreigners living in Makati and Taguig. However, it was my first time to get my hands on their Chorizo on Piggy Back, chorizo composed of one of the world’s best spices Pimeton de la Vera – an exquisite Spanish spice with no preservatives that was first to acquire the coveted status of denominacion de origen. It is served in a cute piggy clay pot, fueled with brandy and flamed once it was served on our table. I love the dramatic effect as we kickstart our meal.

2. Pulled Pork Poutine (Main Street)

Pulled Pork Poutine (Php 240)
The answer to your fries cravings is this Pulled Pork Poutine. An addicting combination of hand cut fries topped with a huge amount of pulled pork, cheese curds, barbeque sauce and spicy mayo. Ask for a bottle of beer when you order this.

3. LES Addiction (L.E.S. Bagels)

LES Addiction (Php 470)
Say hello to LES Bagels when you are missing New York’s iconic breakfast staple – bagels! LES Addiction is a must-try, stacks of cream cheese and LOX (salmon) in between large-sized bagels. I teleported to New York upon tasting this drool-worthy dish!

4. Bacon Chips (Lucky’s Burger)

Bacon Chips (Php 275)
Bacon Chips is a new way of snacking bacon if this is your craving. Lucky’s Burger created a salty, smoky bacon with store-made sinamak vinegar, chili garlic sauce, salt, pepper paprika and chives. It suits to lift up your mood any time of the day. After finishing a tray, you wouldn’t help but order one more.

5. Okonomiyaki Traditional Japanese Pizza (Nihonkai Tsukiji)

Okonomiyaki (Php 280)
For your Japanese cravings, give Okonomiyaki a shot. This traditional pizza from Nihonkai Tsukiji is grilled to be deliciously crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. As you slice through, you’ll taste the rich fillings of egg, cabbage, pork, seafood, and topped with mayonnaise, dried seaweeds and dried fish flakes.

6. Tom Yum Soup (Black Canyon Coffee)

Tom Yum Soup (Php 253)
I know what you’re thinking, Tom Yum Soup in a coffee shop? Strange but it’s the solution to your Thai cravings. You will change your perspective towards Black Canyon Coffee’s Tom Yum Soup after sipping from it and finding out it is the winner of the TOM YUM THAILAND CHAMPIONSHIP. The award-winning spicy soup’s success is built with prawns, galangal, kaffir leaves, lemongrass stem, onions, straw mushroom, chili oil, fresh lime and coriander. Now if the rain pours, you know what soup to crave for.

7. Balut with Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Planet Grapes)

Balut with Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Php 1450/bottle, Php 40/balut)
Craving for wine alone is not enough until you let two extreme flavors meet together. I’m talking about Sauvignon Blanc paired with Balut, the quintessential Filipino street food. Planet Grapes invites guests to be more adventurous and explore how wines could be diverse, not only for fancy dishes. At Planet Grapes, buying a bottle is not only the option to enjoy wine. All branches carry state-of-the-art Italian enomatic machines that allow customers to try various wines by sip, half-glass, and full glass sizes.

8. Excalibur Kebab (Wursty Wursty)

Excalibur Kebab (Php 900)
In my case, meat cravings don’t choose a day. It’s every single day! :p I took this Excalibur Kebab to spice up my desire for meat. An unpretentious sword stick with beef and chicken kebab, seasoned with oregano, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper and more. Also, it is garnished with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes with pita bread and salad on the side. The challenge now is, could you finish the monster alone?

9. Beef Barbacoa Burrito (B&T Mexican Kitchen)

Beef Barbacoa Burrito (Php 320)
You could hop on to B&T Mexican Kitchen to try their Beef Barbacoa Burrito if you want a different take on Mexican food. It is a heavenly burrito plate of imported beef and cheeses, rice, beans, corn and veggies drizzled with different Mexican sauces. For the price and size, there are no setbacks to for this treat.

10. Chocolate Cupcake with Valhrona Cacao Nibs and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (Sophie’s Mom)

Chocolate Cupcake with Valhrona Cacao and Maldon Sea Salt (Php 95)
After every savory meal, we all surely end up craving for sweets. This Chocolate Cupcake with Valhrona Cacao and Maldon Sea Salt, both high quality and class ingredients, is a decadent goodie to grab. The nibs give a subtle crunchy texture while the sea salt provides an alluring balance to the dark chocolate glaze.

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