What can Php100 buy you?
These days, you may think P100 is not enough to satisfy what your hungry stomachs clamour for. Food information you receive online fuels that desire to grab your spoon and fork and take a bite of that oozing grilled cheese or tender juicy steak even if in reality, you only have P100 to spend. Don’t get frustrated. Let me change your notion that P100 is not enough to create satisfaction for your bellies.
I re-visited SM Megamall Foodcourt to scout for meals under P100.
Here are the meals I discovered:

1. Buffalo Strips

Buffalo Strips (Php 99)
Store: Chicken & Company
Comes with 1 gulaman drink and soup, thin reddish Buffalo Strips stacked up together could be an alternative to purchasing 1/2 dozen chicken wings all for yourself. Real strong flavors of buffalo sauce will make you order one more cup of plain rice.

2. Fried Chicken Meal

Solo Chicken Meal (Php 99)
Store: Kipp’s Chicken
We all have our bias towards fried chicken but it won’t hurt to try Kipp’s Fried Chicken Meal for only P99. A meal already includes a scoop of java-like rice, macaroni salad and a regular size soda. The unfamiliar chicken brand knows what pinoys look for in their chicken, crispy outside and juicy inside.
3. La Paz Batchoy 
La Paz Batchoy (Php 71)
Store: Ilonggo Grill
Take a break from spending for high-priced Japanese ramen. Instead, bring your lips closer to savour what Ilonggos are proud of, La Paz Batchoy. For people like me living in the metro, there’s no need to cross the border to Iloilo. SM Foodcourt’s Ilonggo Grill answers our ticket to the province where La Paz Batchoy was born.

4. Arroz Ala Cubana

Arroz Ala Cubana w/ Egg (Php 99)
Store: Pinoy Toppings
A Spanish-influenced recipe, Arroz Ala Cubana at Pinoy Toppings proves that craving for Spanish cuisine doesn’t need to be over P100. One particular dish that blends in with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cheers for the egg. :p Before I forget, one order includes 2 sidings, pancit and clear soup.

 5. Gimbap (Korean Maki)

Gimbap (Php 59, Half/ Php 99, Full)
Store: Oriental Seoul
If you find comfort in Japanese sushi, you wouldn’t mind experimenting the Korean version, Gimbap. Speedy eaters will appreciate rice meals in bite-sized rolls. I love the compact rolls you can easily carry around. Oriental Seoul sells affordable Korean meals like their Gimbap, easily adjustable to your budget.

6. Lechon Paksiw

Lechon Paksiw (Php 99)
Store: Lydia’s Lechon
Waiting for the next fiesta or birthday party will take time if all you’re eyeing is the lechon sitting pretty. Lydia’s Lechon offers individual budget meals like this meaty Lechon Paksiw. Generous lechon meat and sauce served with a cup of steamed white rice. A scoop of that glorious lechon sauce justifies the long line at the store.

7. Fresh Lumpia

Fresh Lumpia (Php 75)
Store: Bodhi
Fresh Lumpia is a classic that brought good memories to us Pinoys, but often forgets its existence because of numerous choices in the city. My trip to SM Foodcourt allowed me to stumble into one of the oldest stores, Bodhi. As soon as I spotted Bodhi, I grabbed a tray and ordered that reasonably priced large Fresh Lumpia. Soft wrapper with an explosion of different vegetables, sweet sticky sauce and crushed peanuts. How could that combination go wrong? Yum!
Therefore, a full yet satisfying meal doesn’t need to exceed P100. You may visit SM Foodcourt to see for yourself!
What do you think of SM Foodcourt?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: SM Megamall Foodcourt, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smfoodcourt

Budget: PHP100++