It’s been a long time since I last visited SM Megamall’s foodcourt or any SM foodcourt in general. With the many restaurant options in an SM mall, I would forget the foodcourt and skip the basement floor.
One afternoon with my sister Reine, while waiting for our parents to pick us up in Megamall, we thought of roaming around starting from the basement floor up to the 5th level. We didn’t think that boredom will lead us to discoveries. From that window shopping around the mall, we came across SM Foodcourt.
I told her, “Wow! Dami na palang good choices! Looks like the stores here levelled up ha!” And le sister agreed. We came up with an idea of re-visiting the foodcourt and actually dining in there. Hopefully, to try everything. Haha! And so, we did start. A few days ago, we invited O and her friend Zeke to join our “mini food trip” in SM Megamall’s Foodcourt.
When you’re out in a group, coming up with one decision on where to eat often becomes a dilemma. Your best-friend chooses Italian, your boyfriend craves for Japanese while you can’t wait to eat a stick of Filipino barbecue. In SM Foodcourt, deciding is the easiest! Whether you go as a couple or a group, your cravings will be satisfied with diverse choices in one court. Individually, we walked straight to our choice of cuisine. This solves the problem of taking time on where to end up eating.
Meet the group, composed of the young ones and feeling young ones. Hahaha! As you can see, we all look like under one age group. :p Agree? Haha!

 The Food:

Reine and Zeke went ahead while O and I watched out for our things on the table. I expected them to take time lining up and waiting for their orders. But they returned back with their food pretty quick.
Beef Teriyaki (Php 99)
Store: Teppanyaki Brothers
Zeke opted for Beef Teriyaki from Teppanyaki Brothers. Served in a bowl with a generous amount of white rice, one order can fill up one hungry guy’s tummy instantly over lunch.
Beef Shawarma Rice (Php 109)
Store: Maroush 
Placing my mindset on my sister Reine’s fancy for Chinese food, I would think she will end up with a plate of sweet and sour pork. I don’t know what changed her mind to lounge with a bowl of Beef Shawarma Rice from Maroush. All I can say, she made the right choice.
Sizzling Bulalo Steak (Php 119)
Store: Bulalo Boy
The store name Bulalo Boy magnetized me, calling my name, while gazing around the foodcourt, picking what to eat. Originally planned to get Bulalo soup but I was distracted by the Sizzling Bulalo Steak picture. Hehe.
When the sizzling plate glided from the kitchen, there were only beef chunks until the man in front submerged the beef with gravy. No need to go back for extra gravy.
Bibimbob (Php 119)
Store: Mr. Kimbob
You cannot miss out Mr. Kimbob’s stall, the busiest of them all. I asked the counter lady what the bestseller is and she pointed me to the Bibimbob, their version of Korean Bibimbap. Choices of beef, pork or chicken. For only Php119, I had a large plate stuffed with beef, kimchi, vegetables, rice and topped with sunny side up egg. Stands as my favorite in SM Foodcourt so far, I think I’ll go back for this value meal.
Fried Dimsum (Php 38/order)
Store: Paotsin
And of course, our ever favorite cheap thrill is in SM Foodcourt, Paotsin’s Fried Dimsum!
Seoul Cane Ice Cream (Php 40)
Store: Jipangyi
For the latter part of our Asian lunch in SM Foodcourt, I was searching for what dessert to get until I noticed a familiar ice cream cane booth, which I first experienced in Seoul. It was a good deal, Php40 for one long Seoul Cane Ice Cream from Jipangyi.
Doing our best to share one Jipangyi Ice Cream. One side for me, one side for O.
Look at that lovely happy girl! 🙂

I asked him to save some Bibimbob for me. :p

This is just day 1 of my SM Foodcourt challenge. My explorer hat is right on my head to discover more what SM Foodcourt has in store for us.
I count on you to join me. You could comment on this post or via my other social media accounts if have any suggestions. My arms are open to welcome all your suggestions! 🙂
What do you think of SM Megamall’s Foodcourt?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout 
Location: SM Megamall Foodcourt, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP100++