Defining comfort food varies from one person to another. The comfort food you’re imagining right now may not be as comforting to another human seated beside you. Subjective, if I may add. This is why I appreciate foodcourts these days. We still gather as a group but we all have the freedom to choose what suits to water our own mouths.
Before Reine’s theatre rehearsal in Rockwell, I asked if she could join me and O for a quick food trip in SM Megamall. I knew her schedule will be eaten up in the afternoon till the evening, busy for 9 Works’ upcoming show, La Cage Aux Folles. Might as well stock some meat in her belly for extra energy. (What a logic! Haha!)
The number of food stalls lined up in the foodcourt cannot fit into our agenda in just 1 day. (Ang damiiii!) For our continuous search of comfort food in SM Foodcourt, I enumerated my 7 FOOD PICKS you should try!

The Food:

Comfort Food #1: Squid Balls

Squid Balls
Store: Odd Balls
I know nothing beats manong’s squid balls in UP. But if you live in the South, you don’t have to drive all the way to UP streets for the sought after squid balls. Odd Balls in SM Foodcourts hits the spot to satisfy your longing for this popular street food, including the need to dip in sweet and spicy sauce. Hygienically speaking, you know you can trust Odd Balls more.

Comfort Food #2: Bagnetsilog

Bagnetsilog (Php 125)
Store: Brgy. Bagnet
Brgy. Bagnet made bagnet, lechon kawali of Ilocos, accessible to us, living in the metro. If you work nearby Megamall, you should take note of this Bagnetsilog for your lunch meal. A medley of bagnet chops, sinangag rice (garlic rice) and egg on top jives in completely with a reasonable budget.

Comfort Food #3: Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig
Store: Cebu Fiesta
Pork Sisig of course! How can I miss it as our comfort food. There are several stalls where sisig gets the attention. One is Sisig Hooray, where sisig stands as the star. Another one is Cebu Fiesta, which I think is more reasonable for their Chinese lauriat style of serving. The colorful festival theme of Cebu Fiesta throws you a party of dishes in one plate. For P129 only, I had a complete meal of pork sisig, crispy crablets, pancit, 2 cups of rice and clear soup. Now that’s a feast!

Comfort Food #4: Tonkatsu with Cheese

Cheese Roll Katsu (Php 149)
Store: Ichiro
The tonkatsu fever doesn’t stop. If you think you can only taste quality tonkatsu with a budget of P300, you haven’t tried SM Foodcourt’s Ichiro. Situated at the far corner of Megamall’s foodcourt, I feel disturbed customers either feel intimidated or fail to look at Ichiro’s menu.
I specifically tried Cheese Roll Katsu, served sophisticated on a black plate and a mini grill tray. Cabbage with sesame dressing on the side. Cheese from the well-done tonkatsu meat was gooey and salty enough. Japanese tonkatsu lovers on a budget should take a u-turn and get themselves Ichiro’s tonkatsu!

Comfort Food #5: Tuna Sushi

Tuna Sushi (Php 85)
Store: Ichiro
Perhaps you’re a sushi fan if you yearn for Japanese food. Raw Japanese food like this Tuna Sushi grant me solace for its freshness and simplicity. There are certain moments when I avoid complicated flavors. Instead, indulge with sushi and sashimi are enough.

Comfort Food #6: Ilocos Empanada

Ilocos Empanada Special (Php 65)
Store: Empanada Nation
Ilocos Empanada Special from Empanada Nation tops as one must-try when you’re in SM Megamall Foodcourt. Freshly made and cooked in a petite stall, waiting for about 10 minutes doesn’t matter to customers with serious salty and garlicky longganisa in an empanada cravings. Ilocos Empanada is usually composed of garlicky longganisa, shredded unripe papaya and egg enveloped in an orange colored crunchy shell made of rice flour.

Comfort Food #7: Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea
Store: Bubbatealicious
You don’t have to walk around the mall for a glass of milk tea. Bubbatealicious stall caters to your milk tea thirst yet remains affordable. I’m still not a graduate of this once-called fad. Up to this date, milk tea brings happiness in little simple ways. Whenever O bribes me, he uses milk tea as one of his weapons. Haha!
Do you have any suggestions on what I should try in any SM Foodcourt?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: SM Megamall Foodcourt, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Budget: PHP125++