I’ve been a fan of KFC for their innovative brains! Who would forget the slamming double down varieties, including the epic double down dog, which was featured in Food Beast few months ago?
KFC got creative geniuses in their team who think of funky ways to get our attention. If you think you’ve seen it all, KFC proves once again that na-ah, not yet!
This 3rd quarter of 2015, KFC is proud to present their latest creation… *drum roll please* it’s the… KFC CHIZZA!!! 
When KFC delivered the new Chizza earlier today, I giggled and (well sort of) laughed because of this crazy idea of making chicken fillet into a pizza dough.
The simple equation here is Chicken + Pizza = Chizza!!!
I found the packaging too cute as well, 4 slices of Chizza in a mini box! Perfect for pasalubong to your family.
I know you’re staring at the photo now, trying to imagine how this piece of meat tastes. KFC Chizza is a no-crust pizza. Purely your favorite KFC chicken with some of the freshest pizza toppings we all love. Definitely it has luscious cheese gracing the top part. Also, this crazy crunchy chicken pizza is topped with pizza sauce, bell peppers, pineapple tidbits and pepperoni.
Eat them as pizza slices or stick to your Filipino guts of eating them with white rice. Ooohh, that sounds amazing right? My sister and I couldn’t control ourselves from partnering KFC Chizza with rice. The flavors are too strong that we needed rice to get the right balance.
A bottle of Coca Cola goes well with KFC Chizza alone. This tandem constructs a combination you would want to try as well.
 One more thing we adored about KFC Chizza, it’s great with Tabasco hot sauce!! Btw, those are Tabasco miniatures I’d want to treasure as part of my styling collection. Thank you KFC for making me happier with these miniatures.
 Do you want to get First Dibs on KFC Chizza before its official launch on July 8?
KFC Chizza will be available in Eastwood, SM Fairview, SM Megamall, Market Market and Peope Support branch this July 3-4, 2015. Don’t be a turtle. I heard they’re only selling a limited number per store.
 What do you think of KFC Chizza?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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