What’s a better way of exploring Guam than taking the road to your used-to sightseeing? This is the better way! Get your clothes ready for Jungle Rules Adventure Tours! From my adventure up in the air, now I took my feet steady on the ground for this rough road trail.
Number one question to be asked before joining this adventure, “Are you ready to get dirty?” My response, “Well of course! Why not?!” There’s no way to be picky with the activities when travelling. I condition myself to wake up with a joyful spirit, ready to take any challenge waiting for me in every country I visit.
I planned what to wear, clothes I don’t mind to get stained – temporarily or forever. But I forgot one thing, to wear older shoes! I only remembered I haven’t worn my black sneakers yet when I was already in the car, 5km away from Jungle Rules. *Face-palm moment* Well I guess it was time to use my new black sneakers and wash it…with mud. 😐
Meet our crew – Ruth, Myke and Tonipet. I’m pretty sure these guys are familiar to you. It’s either you read Ruth or Myke’s blog or watched Tonipet in Pop Talk.
For this activity, we get to ride UTVs or Utility Task Vehicle and venture through some of the island’s most scenic off-road trails. We were divided into 2 teams. Tonipet and Ruth used the yellow UTV while Myke and I had no choice but use the yellow UTV. Who do you think drove this extreme 4×4 car? I wish I could confidently point my fingers to myself but no! Haha! Behind the wheels were Tonipet and Myke, while Ruth and I had the lucky passes for being passengers.
Per ride tour, ride time is maximum of 2 hours.
Before anything else. We were asked to sign a waiver, similar to Skydive Guam’s procedures. It’s standard for any dangerous activity to go through a process of proper orientation and formal signing of waivers.
The highlights of our safety guidelines were the following:
In short, be prepared! Haha!
For clearer guidelines, visit Jungle Rules Guam website.
By looking at ourselves through my photos, it didn’t look that dangerous. Although the set-up is different when you’re inside the UTV. Way way different! It absolutely felt dangerous especially during a downhill drive!
I didn’t think it would be like a rollercoaster ride as we went up and down. My nerves were tested to the limits at the part where we felt like our UTV would turn upside down with just one wrong move. We were an inch close to flipping!
We still got lucky in a way! We were the last UTV, behind our guide and Tonipet & Ruth’s ride, which makes it easier for us to watch 2 UTVs ahead of us how they conquer scary and difficult off-road trails.
The ride paid off when we reached this part of the trail – the beauty of Guam! WOW! It’s not only the UTV ride that you pay for. You’ve got the whole majestic view waiting for you. I totally forgot about my new shoes getting brown and dirty. Hahaha!
I had to steal that scenic view for a moment with my perfect jump shot!
We also had a short hike to another hill. UTVs were parked at one side while we ran like kids, racing to the other side of the hill.
You are gorgeous Guam! I just couldn’t stop looking at you while I was there with you!
Ride and reward experience in Jungle Rules Adventure Tours cannot be missed when you visit Guam…soon! Yep, I encourage you to re-think your travel plans and consider visiting Guam. Besides, it’s near the Philippines!!!
What do you think of my UTV experience at Jungle Rules Adventure Tours, Guam?
 Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Contact: (+671) 898-3232
Daily Schedule: 8am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm
Website: http://www.junglerulesguam.com/
Budget: USD 120++