Somebody got a slight hair make-over before classes start this August. Guess who!
If you answered ‘me,’ nope you got that wrong. My sister Reine did.
After our Sabao Soup Bar date, we rushed to Margaret and Charles, new salon in BGC, for my sister’s first haircut for the year.
“To indulge you, lavish you, pleasure you and minister to your need for beauty, grooming and pampering,” the goal of Margaret and Charles for its customers. The sound of the name itself gave me a heads up we are talking about royalty in here. Opened last November 2014, Margaret and Charles is fairly new to make customers latch to their royal services.

The Ambiance:

For women, visiting salons cure stressful days. It’s like magic that instantly takes away all the bad hair days with just one touch of a “fairy godmother.” With  that said, the ambiance of a salon accounts to women’s relaxation.
At Margaret and Charles, the royal themed room in bright and white shades seem to perform its own magic. Sit down and let your eyes move around the victorian details including the chandelier, you’ll feel like a princess waiting to be dressed up by your fairy godmother.
Inviting to every woman, the overall design’s femininity draws out your inner princess.
Other than the main salon space, you can choose to have your treatments done in a private room. VIP status as you wish.

The Service:

Meet the other princess of our family, Reine. Oh wait. I’m sorry. Her name tells me I’m wrong. Reine is defined as Queen. So yeah. Meet the queen sitting on her throne. :p

Reine only wanted to get a haircut with style (Php 850). That’s it!
Since we were in Margaret and Charles for just 1 service, we were assisted by Nelson the whole time of our visit. Nelson, one of the hair stylists, has been in the industry for more 16 years and counting. Called as the purveyor of chic cuts, colors and stunning looks, we can’t wait to see the final look of Reine.

I was impressed with Nelson’s belt bag, with his name imprinted on it, containing his set of hair styling tools. Different scissors for different uses plus hair clips attached.

Nelson quickly understood the look Reine wanted for herself. Soft layers that will flatter the shape of her face.
While waiting for this queen to finish, I was being a princess like Belle with Chip, the extremely cute tea cup from Beauty and the Beast. I really want one for myself!
Nelson showed me Reine’s hair before and after blowdrying. It’s important to check your hair before blowdrying to make sure it’s the style or cut you want. There are times, maybe most of the time, we don’t really blowdry before leaving the house. So it’s good to see the picture of our faces with our wash-and-wear hair.

Before photo was Reine’s high school look. After photo is now Reine’s college look. :p Haha!

What do you think of Reine’s haircut by Margaret and Charles salon?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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