It has been more than a year and the crowd is still wild for Tim Ho Wan. I won’t deny my personal feelings for the brand. And I totally understand why the crowd, like me, constantly craves for pork buns. From the first time I let my lips lay on Tim Ho Wan’s crisp and soft pork buns, I couldn’t turn back on the buns anymore. Offer me pork buns from Tim Ho Wan, you get an immediate “yes please!” as an answer.
Although, the only branch I frequent is SM Megamall and often forget they have another branch accessible to me, which is in Glorietta Makati. I found the right opportunity to take my sister Reine on a date before she attends her theater workshop at 9 Works Theatrical.
 Tim Ho Wan Makati has a more accessible space near the entrance facing Makati Shangrila Hotel. You can see clearly the people falling in line to get hold of the pork buns, especially during lunch breaks.

The Food:

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (Php 145)
Rate: 4/5
 Pork buns? Why not? I wondered for a moment why Glorietta’s Baked Bun with BBQ Pork buns were a little smaller compared to Megamall’s. Reine agrees with me, Glorietta’s version shrank, in an unexplainable way. Hmm.. Were we unlucky that day? 🙁
The taste and texture are consistent, flaky, soft like pillow and rich with sweet bbq pork inside. If I didn’t know the regular size, there wouldn’t be any point of comparison and be completely satisfied with the buns. However, that wasn’t the case.
Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (Php 190)
Rate: 5/5
I love this light Vermicelli Roll with Shrimps! Fresh shrimps and vermicelli enclosed in thin and silky rice noodles. Often time, people recommend Vermicelli Roll with Pig’s Liver – signature dish -but I tend to end up choosing the shrimps.
Prawn Dumpling (Php 160)
Rate: 5/5
5 stars for Tim Ho Wan’s Prawn Dumplings. Big and plump shrimps embraced by soft dumpling wrapper and steamed to perfection. It may look the same as to other hakaw you see in other Chinese restaurants, but I think Tim Ho Wan’s kitchen executed it flawlessly.
Rice with Beef & Fried Egg (Php 180)
Rate: 5/5
I went out of the border of my typical orders and got myself Rice with Beef & Fried Egg. Sounds ordinary but lo and behold when you let your spoon dig deep for the soft sunny side up egg, beef and rice. All three main ingredients with similar soft and mushy texture. Hong Kong style rice dish that’s ideal to fill you up for lunch. I’m calling it as one of the best dishes at Tim Ho Wan.
Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork & Shrimp (Php 120)
Rate: 3/5
Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
No complaints at all if you serve me a tray of Pork Dumpling with Shrimp. It’s a complete satisfaction of how I want my dimsum to be – packed with meat and shrimps. Heavyweight dimsum worth the money that you can share with your honey.
Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin (Php 120)
Rate: 3/5
Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling (Php 140)
Rate: 5/5
My non-wasabi palate surprisingly was allured to the taste of Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling. Light wasabi drizzle on thin and crispy deep-fried dimsum with fresh-tasting prawns inside. I changed my mind about wasabi after giving this dish a shot.
Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf (Php 190)
Rate: 4/5
You can’t say the word hungry after a plate of this Tim Ho Wan specialty, Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf, also known as Machang. Extreme flavorful combination of oversupply meat chunks inside a pillow box of sticky rice. One order is good for 1-2 persons.

The Ambiance:

Since most lunch customers of Makati restaurants are employees working within the area, Tim Ho Wan Glorietta’s location is strategically more accessible. By the entrance of Glorietta 3, customers find it easier to pick Tim Ho Wan as a reasonably-priced lunch venue.
Photo was taken during a weekday, at around 1pm. To get a seat, your patience must be tested by falling in line outside. No reservations, in case you’re thinking of that option. Same goes with any Tim Ho Wan branch, I believe.
Have you tried Tim Ho Wan in Glorietta?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F Glorietta 3, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Contact: (+632) 729-9367
Budget: PHP250++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10