I would always run to Nova Country Cheddar flavor as my go-to snack if I feel like eating junk food without the guilt. Through Jack N’ Jill’s commercials and advertisements, I perceive that this fiber-rich multigrain (wheat, corn, oats and rice) snack won’t hinder the fun of eating chips. Am I being fooled or what? Actually, that doesn’t matter too much. The bottomline is… I love the simplicity and taste of Nova chips.
This time around, Nova turned up the heat with the newest member of their family, the new Nova Jalapeño Spice!
After posting a photo on Instagram that I received a box of Nova Jalapeño Spice chips, I received feedback from people asking me how’s the taste.
To tell you frankly, it works depending on what suits your taste. The snack isn’t as straightforward as cheese or barbecue flavored chips wherein you know what to expect. For the first few chips I consumed, I was weirded out with the experience of munching it. You get that spicy kick of jalapeño infused with cheese. Add the fact that I’m used to the classic Nova taste, which affected my bias towards the new flavor. But after a while, my tastebuds slowly shifted to wanting more of that jalapeño flavor. Let me clear this out, I still love and will always love the original Country Cheddar flavor but the new Jalapeño Spice has the chance to charm one’s picky tastebuds too.
In our home, 60% approved the flavor, 40% preferred not taking the next few chips anyway.
You can’t really tell until you try it. Call it an acquired taste because it seems like it.
I consider myself as someone who can tolerate spicy dishes which is why I appreciated Nova Jalapeño Spice flavor. If you’re like my Uncle D who refuses spicy snacks, then I might think you would nod your head saying ‘no’ to this type of snack.
For you to hold and judge one of these Nova Jalapeño Spice chips, head to the nearest grocery, supermarket, convenience store or sari-sari store.
Have you tried the new Nova Jalapeño Spice?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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