One short afternoon in Brunei, after feeding ourselves with Japanese food from Kaizen Sushi, Uncle D led us to 2 of the tourist spots in the tranquil city.
Btw, this is a quick photo dump. I’ll be popping some of my speech bubbles for now and let our postcard photos speak for themselves.
Billionth Barrel Monument
This monument symbolizes the billionth barrel of oil produced in the onshore oil field in Brunei, Seria. Riiiich country!
If you are planning to roam around Brunei, I suggest that you rent a van for your convenience. Public transportation is not too common compared to Manila and other busy cities. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Brunei is the opposite of how congested Manila is. On a weekend, you will rarely see people loitering or walking around the city. Aside from the hot weather, the population is way too small for a big city.
Jerudong Park
Built by Prince Jefri in 1994, Jerudong Park used to be popular in Southeast Asia back in the 90s for its modern facilities. Now, the used-to-be famous theme park doesn’t look very enticing and exciting to enter. We went on a Sunday and I barely saw kids playing and running around the park.
Tourists, if you plan to walk around Brunei, bringing bottles of water in your bag will be very handy.
I treated myself with Matcha ice cream (I wish Philippines has this too!) from Dairy Queen after the sizzling hot afternoon walking and strolling outdoors.
Have you been to these tourist spots in Brunei?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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