Why should you follow the road to Century City Mall?
Aside from the restaurants I have in mind like Hole in the Wall, Arrozeria and X.O. 46 Bistro, there’s a brand new reason you want to make that turn to Kalayaan Ave. and park your car at Century City Mall. The mall may not be a shopping hub (to be honest), but it’s slowly becoming the ‘Podium’ of Makati area where food is the number one reason to pay a visit.
Filipinos don’t normally include French cuisine in their so-called top 3 list. Often times, I’d hear famous Asian cuisines, Italian, American, and rarely I would hear French. At Le Petit Souffle, a new concept introduced by award-winning pastry chef Miko Aspiras together with Chef Kristine Lotilla, you will instantly develop an infatuation for French cuisine. A harmony between French and Japanese cuisine is the game plan. From the successful Scout’s Honor, a craft cookie store selling unique bites inside Hole In The Wall, the unstoppable chefs now venture into the savory world (for the first time!) yet making every customer drool and leave some space for soufflés.

The Food:

Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad (Php 345)
Rate: 4/5
Started a light bowl of seared tuna loin, garden greens, shimeji, tobiko with sesame-wasabi dressing on the side. A Japanese welcoming dish that gave me a breeze of freshness and healthiness. I couldn’t think of any other way of starting my Le Petit Souffle course where Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad performed its wonders.
Squid-ink Rice (Php 395)
Rate: 5/5
Fresh seafood, shimeji mushrooms and soft scrambled egg did the trick on top of squid ink rice. I was eating my words while describing my feelings towards this dish to my table-mates. Never mind the black ink staining your teeth, what matters is the sleek combination of seafood, rich Squid-ink Rice and scrambled egg. Remember to order this best-selling hot plate the next time you visit Le Petit Souffle.
Mac and Foie (Php 625)
Rate: 5/5
Need I say more? Look, macaroni and cheese with foie gras on top ranks on top out of all mac & cheese I’ve tasted in Manila – the deadliest too! I want it badly that I daydream pulling out its gooey cheese from its pot. The element of adding foie gras channels a french feel towards the mouthwatering Mac & Foie.
Croque Madame (Php 395)
Rate: 4/5
Conversations on our table steamed up more after getting ourselves drowned in Croque Madame. Croissant with bechamel sauce, black forest ham, gratniated raclette topped with a free range sunny side up egg. Reine loved this the most! The simplicity of its sweet croissant graces all its neighboring ingredients.
Strawberry + Mint + Celery Fruit Tea (Php 375)
Rate: 4/5
The idea of cold strawberry + mint + celery fruit tea to partner our meals from start to finish was a thirst hooker. Hints of mint refreshed our warm bodies during the summer fever.

Matcha Souffle Pancake (Php 160)
Rate: 4/5
Light matcha souffle pancake dusted with icing sugar served with creme anglaise and maple syrup. A slight blend of maple syrup comes in strongly where you taste both matcha and maple. With creme anglaise in picture, all flavors balance the way it should be. Don’t you think breakfast should be like this all week, matcha lovers?
Pistachio Cherry Souffle Glace (Php 350)
Rate: 5/5
Roasted pistachio frozen souffle served with sour cherry compote. Stayed close to this Pistachio Cherry Souffle Glace after giving it a try. I love its light and smooth texture yet swamped with vibrant pistachio nuts. Admittedly, I could munch pistachio nuts all day. So this dessert is apt for me!
 We all know that making a souffle isn’t as simple as baking a cupcake. Advanced techniques are required. This dessert is only one proof of Le Souffle’s successful creations.
Valrhona Grand Crus (Php 375)
Rate: 5/5
The grandest of them all! Layers of valrhona chocolate: Araguani 72% flourless cake, Caramelia 36% sponge, Dulcey 32% ganache, and Equatoriale 55% ganache. Served with a vanilla bean creme anglaise sauce. I almost forgot the time while busily sinking my dessert spoon into the plate. One bite of Valrhona Grand Crus is seriously delicate and elegant. You can’t deny the french feel for its sophisticated impression. Valrhona Grand Crus exists to impress even a connoisseur.
Matcha Valrhona Ivoire 35% White Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla Creme Anglaise (Php 350)
Rate: 5/5
Matcha is my personal antidote. Correction, I didn’t just join the bandwagon recently (being defensive. Hahaha!). I’ve been a fan of this Japanese flavor since I was introduced to green tea 10 years ago, oh high school days! Haha! Chef Miko’s Matcha Souffle articulated what every matcha lovers would desire. That rising sweetness with a touch of bitterness circulating the French souffle. Also, it was made holy with its vanilla creme anglaise.
Salted Egg Caramel Parfait (Php 220)
Rate: 4/5
Salted Egg Caramel Parfait is composed of vanilla custard base softee with salted egg custard, granola, chocolate pretzel stick (also known as Peppero), caramel, peanut brittle, and almond dacquoise. Reine chose the uniqueness of salted egg injected to the parfait flavors. Layers of delicate ingredients where each ingredient stands out but unified as a whole when it reaches your palate. Although for a second, we couldn’t figure which is which. Weird combination but it’s a combination you can learn to love.
It’s a tough job to pick a favorite dessert at Le Petit Souffle. The dreamy room can keep you all day exploring its exquisite desserts.

The Ambiance:

Fairy godmother should be hiding anywhere in the garden fantasy space of Le Petit Souffle. In spite of staying indoors, the surroundings – crawling vines, plants all around, big windows – transports one person in a country backyard with a blooming chic garden.
Perfect for big groups, families, intimate gatherings or casual french dates with your babe.
Now this looks like a playground for dessert foodies. Perfect lighting by the window, what photographers yearn for. On one corner, being alone with your dessert isn’t a shame to turn on your pensive mood.
One of the precious moments of my foodie life is to bond with my sister over good food! Now this artist is in college, we have more time to “work” together.
Have you tried Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall?
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 3F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00AM-10:00PM
Contact: (+632) 886-3056
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lepetitsouffle


Budget: PHP400++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9/10