Sundays after morning church means “Where should we eat?” My mom’s appetite is so predictable. She gets hungry every 2 hours but only consumes less than half of what she orders. This is why after church, we’d expect her to find a place to eat. Normally, she ends up buying food from SM Pasig. A quick puto bumbong or bibingka could already fill her stomach for a moment. Most of the time, she tries various restaurants situated in the single-floored mall. Then as predicted, after an hour or more, her body clock alarms for more food.
When I found out about the new food establishment in SM Pasig – Burger Joint, mom was the first person I thought of. Being located near CCF, it is accessible to our family after spending our morning in church.
Burger Joint, a simple straightforward restaurant beside Krispy Kreme, beats hunger with their homemade steak and sirloin burgers. Burgers (1/4 lbs.) are made out of 50% steak and 50% chuck. To appreciate Burger Joint even more, you should know that 90% of what they serve is all made in-house – the patties, the sauces, the buns, and a lot more. More work for Burger Joint’s kitchen but they can’t sacrifice the level of quality they stand for.

The Food:

Loaded Nachos (Php 159)
Rate: 4/5
From afar, I mistakenly thought it was an ordinary basket of nachos usually served to me. But when I walked a little closer and soon tasted a piece of nachos with its toppings, I was surprised to taste that chunk of watermelon refreshing my tastebuds. Yes, instead of tomato salsa, Burger Joint used watermelon to replace usual tomato tidbits. Boy, it works really well! Go for it!
Ranchero Chili (Php199)
Rate: 4/5
Turn on your spicy tooth for Ranchero Chili. Layers of chili con carne, American cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. I love chili con carne on my hotdog bun, but this time, I prefer it on my burger.
Burger Joint has a different way of kitchen skills for their burgers. They use the method of smashing burgers for 20 seconds, similar to Shake Shack Burgers, to create that crusty texture at the bottom.
Santa Fe (Php 175)
Rate: 4/5
A play of textures for Santa Fe. Start off with a slice of healthiness, I meant lettuce, then an overlay of sinful ingredients – American cheese, bacon mole, grilled corn relish, fried onions and cilantro.
Baja (Php 179)
Rate: 4/5
If you were impressed by Burger Joint’s watermelon nachos, Baja burger will steal your heart too. American cheese, sour cream, salsa, jalapeños and cilantro. Let’s just say, watermelon cubes are enough to proclaim the summer vibe. Refreshing!
Pulled Pork Burger (Php 195)
Rate: 4/5
I’ll always tap the button for anything with BBQ sauce. After finding out Pulled Pork Burger is sweetened by BBQ sauce, I know I’ll jive well with this burger. Chili con carne, American cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. It wasn’t a fail. I loved it!
Buffalo Classic Chicken Wings (Php 179)
Rate: 3/5
You could leave room for chicken wings if you want to add more color to your table. I was happy like a kid getting dirty hands as I ate Buffalo Classic chicken wings. Although, I don’t think I’ll call Burger Joint my happy place for wings. Let’s just go back to the burgers instead. Well at least, they serve decent wings.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (Php 199)
Rate: 3/5
Ordinary Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings for me. I’ll give it an average rating for a mediocre basket of wings.
Malt Shakes (Php 129)
Rate: 5/5
Burger Joint had me at Malt Shakes. I almost ignored them and underestimated the taste without getting my share. I’m thankful someone forced me to take a try after finishing all the burgers and chicken wings on the table. And I did, I tried both Vanilla and Chocolate Malt Shake. I kept quiet for a moment and indulged in both flavors. These imported malt shakes were fantastic!
What your pockets will love about Burger Joint is its budget-friendly prices. The cheapest Plain Jane burger starts at Php129 and the most expensive, Juicy Lucy is only Php 290. What a great treat before or after you do your grocery shopping at SM Hypermarket.

The Ambiance:

Since Burger Joint is inspired by different states of the USA, this wall symbolizes the concept and the menu.
There are seats outside and inside, both ventilated with air conditioner.
It’s a place for convenience, not for the sake of enjoying the ambiance. The uncomplicated dining room is precisely right for what they serve, comfort food.
Have you tried Burger Joint at SM Pasig?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F SM Hypermarket, Frontera Verde Drive, Ugong, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00AM-11:00PM
Contact: (+632) 631-1299
Budget: PHP200++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.25/10