Everything’s better with bacon. What do you think of that?
With all the drool-worthy bacon photos I see online, I understand the Filipinos are made for bacon. Or wait let me rephrase that. Bacon is definitely born for the Filipinos.
It’s official everyone! Manila is on fire as PUREFOODS® brings you BACONFEST MANILA!!! (Please give a round of applause!)
With PUREFOODS® sincere love for bacon, they have created a way for every single one in the metro to understand and enjoy all the yummy goodness in bacon.
Your favorite PUREFOODS® bacon has partnered with various restaurants all over the metro to give PUREFOODS® Thick Cut Bacon and Maple Bacon a whole new twist.
Some of the restaurants on the list are: Charlie’s, Sebastian’s Ice Cream, 2nd’s and a lot more. This is just the first month for the BACONFEST Manila. The list of restaurants will grow longer as PUREFOODS® have promised. Now, you may ask, “What’s in store for me?” Aside from experimenting with breakfast to dinner bacon recipes, being baconized will bring you exciting prizes!

The Bacon Challenge:

Customers who visited at least 5 partner restaurants will get a chance to win cool prizes and gadgets like the following: MacBook Air, Go Pro Hero 4, iPad Mini and iPhone 6. Now who wouldn’t want that?
How to Win:
1. Snap a photo of your Baconized dish. (Make sure you order from partner restaurants’ Baconfest Menu)
2. Caption it with “1/5, 2/5…5/5” (Ex. 1/5 Excited to taste my first BaconfestMNL dish…)
3. Tag @baconfestmnl with official hashtag #BaconfestMNL and #BiteTheLove.
4. Upload it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I suggest, upload it in all 3!

Before I had the courage to engage you to join the Baconfest Manila campaign, I had to taste and test PUREFOODS® bacon with some of my co-blogger friends.

Bacon Cook-off Challenge

Team Bae – Kikaysikat, Ofdreamsandthings and TheFoodScout 
Our group was assigned to make PUREFOODS® Chocolate Maple Bacon. A simple yet creative way to enjoy bacon for dessert.
PUREFOODS® Maple Bacon
Melted dark chocolate
Melted white chocolate

I’ve heard that PUREFOODS® Maple Bacon is one of the best-sellers. I guess Filipinos were tantalized by the strong aroma of maple and balanced sweetness of this variant.
No false advertisements. The smell of maple was so evident while we were frying bacon strips, cooked in its own oil on a non-stick pan. For non-cooks, you won’t have a laborious time accomplishing this frying task. Fast and easy!!! Although if you’re scared of the oil jumping out of the pan (like me), you better bring up your fearlessness. That will be part of the job! 😉
After frying, let the bacon strips rest for a minute. Remove excess oil before dipping on a small bowl of melted dark chocolate. Only dip half of one strip. After dipping all bacon strips, drizzle with white chocolate on top.

Voila! Our quick and easy PUREFOODS® Chocolate Maple Bacon!

You can do this at home without wearing your chef hat. Re-create your own Bacon dishes using PUREFOODS® Thick Cut bacon flavors.

Baconfest Manila at Torch Restaurant:

Since we were already at Torch Restaurant, where Baconfest Manila launch was held, we didn’t leave the place without trying Torch Restaurant’s Baconfest menu.
Bacon Roll
Bacon and Cheese Pizza
Bacon Carbonara
US Angus Bacon Wrapped Salpicao
Caramelized Bacon Ice Cream
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Are you ready to join the bandwagon of Baconfest Manila?
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
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