1. Jamba Juice is now open in Greenbelt! 
Jamba Juice added another home for mixplorers. Hooray for us! Makati busy bees will love this news. Located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3, near Time Zone and cinema ticket booth, you can now stay inside the mall to cool down holding a 12oz. cup of Jamba Juice smoothie.
2. Jamba Juice BGC branch was open on a Holy Friday.
Who said you should stop blending on a holiday? Jamba Juice mixplorers headed to BGC branch to get their favorite smoothies.
While walking along BGC High Street, my sister and I craved for a smoothie. Lo and behold, Jamba Juice was one of the few establishments opened in Fort on a Good Friday. Jumping moment for us, including our cousin Ice, as we rushed to line up for our Jamba Juice choices.
3. Summer heat is best with a cold smoothie from Jamba Juice.
Literally, cooling yourself will take away the attention from the scorching heat of Metro Manila. Day or night, the weather calls for a smoothie this summer. My Jamba Juice consumption this month is just… unstoppable! I was addicted to getting a cup of smoothie as a cure to this 34-degree weather. By just hanging out in BGC branch this month, I think I saw more than 5 friends. Friends I haven’t seen for a very long time! Haha!

Did Jamba Juice made your summer cooler?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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