Is it just me who’s allured with the smell of freshly baked bread or you actually get what I mean?
Wherever I go, even when my stomach is full, the warm smell and sight of bread lingers me. It’s like hearing a whistle to call my attention. In malls, I often get tempted to purchase one despite the fact I don’t need one. I think I got it from my momma.
A few blocks away from Megamall, you’ll find the newly opened The Breadery.
It is a unique bakery of globally inspired handcrafted artisan breads and pastries, freshly made by hand everyday.
If I work somewhere in Ortigas, I might be uncontrollable to pass by The Breadery to purchase my breakfast or snack. From afar, I could already smell the smell my nostrils are yearning for – the smell of ‘good morning!’
At The Breadery, they define their freshly baked breads by using natural yeast.
Health Facts:
Yeast is a single-celled fungus and the first domesticated living creature in history. Naturally, yeast is everywhere – on leaves of plants to even the air you breathe! Inside the dough, natural yeast break down sugars, enzymes, and all kinds of nastiness, which leavens the dough.
Yeast inside your stomach colonize your delicate lining, protecting it from bad bacteria, stabilizing blood sugar and helping your body fight off bad bacteria.
Health Benefits of using Natural Yeast:
Flattens the glycemic index.
Prevents heartburn and acid reflux.
Breaks down gluten for the intolerant.
Turns phytic acid into an anti-oxidant.
Helps controls allergies.
I was somehow overwhelmed with The Breadery’s full table display. One huge chunk of wooden table where all the breads lounge. I had to move around twice to decide which breads to get.
Compared to other bakeries, what you’ll love (and what I personally love) about The Breadery is their bountiful product sampling. Every type of bread on the table has a free sample! Cool huh?
You don’t have to base your purchase on what’s familiar or what sounds delicious?
Sample what you want before you take out your cash.
The Breadery serves premium coffee to partner with your bread. Take note, house specialty is their Cold Brew Coffee – a balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee.
All of their breads are baked in the store. In fact, the oven isn’t hiding anywhere inside the kitchen. When you enter, look to your right and say hello to the big hot oven.
Now, I’ll give you a quick tour around The Breadery’s buffet table. 
Chocolate Buns, Earl Grey Tea with Raisin and Olive Cheese Bread should be on your basket list!
Kimchi Buns might interest you too.
Apple Pie (Php 90)
Canalé (Php 75)
I was revelling in this sweet Canalé since I took this home with me. Canalé is a magical bakery confection with a soft and tender custard center and a dark thick caramelized crust.

Tri Mushroom (Php 85)
Ham and Egg (Php 115)
Chocolate Butter (Php 75)
(Center) Kouign Amann (Php 70) 
Bitter cup of joe joined in with Kouign Amann would be a good jumpstart for the day. It is a famous Breton Cake made out of croissant dough containing layers of butter and sugar.
Spinach Bacon (Php 110)
If you want to infuse healthiness to your bread but can’t let go of bacon, then Spinach Bacon is for your appetite.

Taro Swirl (Php 125)
and White Chocolate Macadamia (Php 180)
It’s all day bread party at The Breadery!
You know what you’re paying for when you know what it tastes. At The Breadery, honest labels are not enough to express the taste. Free samples makes it easier for a wise consumer.

Before you leave The Breadery, ask for the Bread Care pamphlet. It will give you tips on how to store your bread for several weeks!

Head over to The Breadery and share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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