Drinking coke as if it is the first time, that’s the kind of experience Coke is bringing back to all of you.
Don’t deny it. The commercial flashed on TV, with Janella Salvador, illustrating the components of a perfect bottle of coke makes you want to go to the nearest store and buy your own perfect coke. That surely made you thirsty!
I remember the first time I held bottle of Coke, – the kiddie days I was banned from softdrinks – I was stunned and couldn’t identify how it tasted like. All I remember, it was really cold, out of the ordinary beverages, and somehow its taste is something you’ll long for. Oh, and the sound “AHHH!” came out naturally after being refreshed. Even if I was banned, my parents still opened a bottle for me for the sake of answering my curiosity. I felt adventurous and mature after trying a quick sip from that coke bottle. Haha!
This new campaign of Coke takes everyone back to memory lane and remind us on how a #PerfectCoke bottle should be. The taste, its fizz, and the feeling of drinking as it trickles down to your throat. All in 1 coke bottle, the Coke experience is incomparable. Again, it’s the same feeling as if it were the first time – truly a #SarapNgFirst!
Do you recall your first?
For your #PerfectCoke experience this summer, chill your own Coke bottle until it reaches its icy level. If you’re stationed in the office or at home, the fridge or your freezer will be its home. For those who are mobile and always ready to go, wherever you walk and drive around, a portable cooler will be useful.
Share your #SarapNgFirst #PerfectCoke experiences with the netizens.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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