Burgers & Brewskies found their second home nearer to my home. Woohoo! 
From its first successful branch at Burgos Circle, the team behind B&B opened another branch, now at Estancia Mall within Capitol Commons community. 
Burgers & Brewskies is an ideal after-work hangout spot because of its imaginative comfort food and beverage menu. I’m talking about ‘out of this world’ burgers, chicken wings and beer. There is no reason for you to be silent and busy with your phones in this kind of restaurant. Start with a bottle of Kettle beer and the conversations will keep on flowing. Then wait for your burger, you’ll only take out your phone to take photos of your food and the people with you. 

 The Food:

Fish Poppers (Php 220)
Rate: 3/5
A bowl based with fries and crispy Tempura style Sea Bream Nuggets on top. Its chiptotle aioli dip hooked us that we couldn’t resist the dip.

Bacon Chicharon (Php 210)
Rate: 4/5
You’d want to keep this Bacon Chicharon beside you while waiting for your burgers. Freshly brined thin slices of pork belly, dusted with starch and fried crispy. Don’t forget dip on its sweet spicy vinegar. We can neglect certain appetizers, but not this one.

B&B Sausage Platter (Php 585)
Rate: 4/5
A platter of grilled Bavarian Smokies, Hungarian and Thuringer Bratwurst served with B&B curry ketchup and spiced mustard aioli. That’s what you call beer match!
Angry Korean (Php 205)
Rate: 4/5
Wing those Angry Korean chicken wings at Burgers & Brewskies. Gochujang chili pasted mixed with soy sauce and a slight touch of honey and sesame. I would always imagine myself watching a basketball game whenever I got my wings handling my hunger. 
Rate: 4/5
The patty doesn’t lie at all. Smoky sisig sliders reveals instantly when you take a bite off those patties. Strong sisig taste not on a grilled plate but on burger buns this time. Tikboy, B&B’s newest appetizer, won’t go wrong to capture hearts loyal to sisig. 
Walk of Shame (Php 340)
Rate: 5/5
Improved and innovated breakfast bun! Spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce, egg in a whole wheat bun, crispy bacon, crispy potato hay and B&B lemonnaise. An instant famous burger that doesn’t deserve a real Walk of Shame. I wish all my burgers got a egg bun like that!
*All B&B patties are made of 1/3 lb 100% U.S. beef. Made fresh everyday and cooked medium to preserve its tenderness and distinct flavor.
For your buns, choose between Brioche or Whole Wheat Bun with shredded lettuce.

Call the Nurse (Php 280)
Rate: 5/5
B&B warns you to Call the Nurse upon trying their photogenic carbo-loading burger. Spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce flowing like waterfalls, seared mac & cheese creating extra texture and honey sriracha bacon. Based on how it looks, it is deadly. From my point of view, I call it lovely! 
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Php 230)
Rate: 4/5
Named itself a winner because of its 1/3 lb. of B&B chicken patty, roasted garlic aioli, B&B cheese sauce, rum bbq sauce and fried onion strings on top for added crunch. Now be a champ with this Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Heisenberg (Php 250)
Rate: 4/5
A unique team of bleu cheese sauce and jicama celery slaw tossed in bacon vinaigrette. 
Kandi (Php 265)
Rate: 4/5
Best-selling Kandi is the safe haven for some loyal customers. Roasted garlic aioli, B&B cheese sauce, onion confit and spiced candied bacon. This is what ‘classic’ looks like at Burgers & Brewskies. Still attached to its playfulness!
Strawberry Cheesecake Martini (Php 190)
Rate: 4/5
Could be your dessert or an appetizer to begin with. I found love in this Strawberry Cheesecake Martini. A celebration of dessert flavors – creme de cacao, strawberry puree and graham crackers with a small hint of Absolut Kurant. 
Creamy Soy Panna Cotta (Php 85)
Chocolate Pudding (Php 105)
Rate: 3/5
Cleanse off your greasy palate with in-house desserts. A choice of either Creamy Soy Panna Cotta or Chocolate Pudding may sound a good fix to end your dinner at B&B. 

The Ambiance:

The crowd at Estancia Mall is parallel to how it’s packed with corporate ladies and gents at Burgos Circle. It’s given that people go for their food. Other than that, the crowd swings by Burgers & Brewskies for an unwinding place to spend the night while drinking beer and watching entertaining sports like basketball and UFC. Large flat TV screens by the bar, enough for the whole room’s eyes.
Think Less, Eat More sounds more fitting.  
I was showered with good food at Burgers & Brewskies. With my chosen favorites, I now know what to go back for! 
Have you tried Burgers & Brewskies?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F Estancia Mall Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave., Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: (+632) 531-5632
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBBurgersAndBrewskies88
Budget: PHP300++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.5/10