For more than a decade, I’ve been a loyal customer of Globe, together with my family members. I found it convenient to stick with Globe since most of my friends, so-called “textmates” back in the days, were under the same roof of one network. Texting and calling appeared to be cheaper if most of us were Globe subscribers.
2 years ago, I remember updating my plan with Globe’s MySuperPlan where the Peso Value (PV) system was introduced. Depending on the plan, I had the option to convert my peso value allocation to consumables, combos and/or a gadget. To tell you frankly, my ordinary mind had some difficulties in grasping the idea instantly. I had to study and understand the plan before choosing the most practical plan for myself. The PV totally confused me!
Late last December, O and I decided to switch from an iPhone user to a Samsung user. It was the best time for both of us to upgrade since our 2-year contract with Globe has been completed months ago. While both of us inquired with Globe, we found out the good news about Globe’s plans. We were introduced to this new system, MyLifestyle Plan.

Globe MyLifestyle Plan

The new Globe MyLifestyle Plan is the newest plan offer from Globe Postpaid. With it, everything will be simpler as there will only be one plan: All-month calls and texts to Globe/TM for only P499!
3 packs to add or to choose from, whatever suits your lifestyle.
1. Surf Packs
You may add surf packs via GoSURF for your mobile internet needs, which comes with free Spotify and NBA League Pass.
2. Lifestyle Packs
Since our lifestyle varies from each other, get to pick the pack that is perfect for you. Choose from the following:
a. Navigation Bundle (MMDA, Accuweather, GoogleMaps, Waze, Grab Taxi)
b. Work Bundle (Gmail, Evernote, Yahoo Mail, Globe Storage)
c. Shopping Bundle (Amazon, Ayos Dito, eBay, OLX, Zalora)
d. Chat Bundle (Viber, FB Messenger, Kakao Talk, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp)
e. Photo Bundle (Instagram, PhotoGrid, PhotoRepost, InstaSize)
Facebook – All-day, all-month access
Twitter – All-day, all-month access
Spotify – Spotify premium membership + data access
3. Classic Packs
If you’re still into your postpaid plan because of its old benefits, the classic pack is for you. Get extra calls and texts to other networks, to landline and even abroad.
Don’t forget to choose your perfect device. The more you add to your plan, the better handset you get.
The new set of Lifestyle plans sounds more awesome to me! Plus, no more complications to compute and understand the PV system of Globe.
For years of being an iPhone user, I finally tried experiencing a Samsung phone. From O’s techie research, he figured Samsung Note 4 suits both of us. During my first encounter with my white Note 4, I had awkward positions for my small hands to adjust with a really huge phone that can’t fit in my pocket.
 Using the stylus is also another adjustment for me. So far, I’m still in my first month of exploring this phone and I really find Samsung Note 4 cool with all its features.
 If you have more questions about Globe’s new MyLifestyle Plan, visit the nearest Globe store, website or try to call their hotline. I tried tweeting @talk2Globe and as far as I can remember, the account responds efficiently.
Have you tried exploring Globe’s MyLifestyle Plan? Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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