It’s all about that lips, bout that lips, no treble. 
Hahaha! It doesn’t make so much sense, I know. Just have to inject that song (All About That Bass tune) since I know this post is dedicated to the ladies’ lips. Boys, you may not be interested in reading about lip cosmetics but don’t skip this post. You’ll never know how this can be helpful for your next gift idea for her.
Again, let me disclose something. I’m not a make-up guru. Tracing back my childhood, I was never encouraged to cover my face with make-up by my conservative mom. Although, as I slowly transitioned to womanhood, I appreciated more cosmetics that can enhance my beauty. I still advocate natural beauty like my mom yet I believe there’s nothing wrong with using make-up, especially for occasions we need to be a little extra presentable. For me, the right kind of make-up is boosting the features of your face, without throwing in thick foundation and concealer, and rainbow colors to your face.
From my random window shopping in beauty stores last Christmas, I felt the attachment to lipsticks. I think it’s a handy cosmetic every girl should put inside their bag. Even if your eyes and cheeks are bland, adding a splash of bright red lipstick changes your whole look. That’s what I love about this specific cosmetic.
Dear My Wish Lips-Talk (Php 578)
I’ll share with you 2 colors from Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-Talk collection I’m currently loving. One shade of orange and one shade of pink. You judge which one you think best suits your look.
Etude House is a well-loved Korean cosmetic brand in our country. We, Filipinas, are so happy and carefree we don’t need to fly too far to Korea for Etude House products.
Dear My Wish Lips Talk OR201
Playful color of this shade of orange that looks appropriate for day-time events.
Sweet effect that brightens up your lips as you smile.
Second shade I adore is Dear My Lips-Talk pink shade (PK001).
Dear My Lips-Talk PK001
Now date nights with this shade emphasizes your feminine side.
From its color, the person who wears this shade presents a vibrant personality yet remains its sweet soft spot.
My obsession with red lips led me to loving one lip product from Tony Moly, also a Korean brand.
Kiss Lover Lip Lux 07 Muse Red (Php 598)
Wearing this shade, Kiss Lover Lip Lux Muse Red, gave my lips that glossy red effect. Red never fails me!

What do you think of Etude House and Tony Moly lip shades?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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