High five! Can you believe it? The year is almost over, almost! We’re bound to encounter the next chapter, back to page 1 of 365. Let me ask you, have you tried reviewing your ‘new year’s resolution’ for 2014? Were you able to mark a check on what you have accomplished so far? As we all know, the famous resolution every January is to live a healthier life a.k.a. to lose weight. If you’re on that plane, thinking of writing down that same resolution for 2015, my suggestion is to start it off with a way to help you lose weight easily.
My suggestion, Cavislim treatment from YSA Skin & Body Experts.
Ever since I was introduced to YSA, that was middle of 2014, I have to say my favorite service from them is their Cavislim treatment (Cavitation). You know my job, to eat endlessly! Eat today, tomorrow, and forever. It’s what I do best, eat and write. Hehe. Obviously, I’ll entertain anything that can help me maintain or reduce my body weight, as much as possible.
Aside from the fact that I need it, let me tell you why I go back and forth to YSA for their Cavislim.
First, it’s Painless. (Completely the opposite of my reaction in the photo)
Regardless if you are brave or not, you wouldn’t want unnecessary pain just take off the fats. The famous saying “No pain, no gain” isn’t applicable to this procedure. With Cavislim, the fats stored in your body melts down like ice cream by just using one single machine. On flat bed, lie down, let the Skin Care Specialist do her job to melt down your fats.
Second, it’s Relaxing just like getting a massage.
Since it’s painless, what you’ll feel is the machine in contact massaging your desired body part to be slimmed down. In my case, it’s always my tummy, where all the food I eat stores up.
Third,  it’s Effective.
After the treatment, which normally takes 30 minutes, I always feel the need to rush to the restroom and release fluids. According to YSA, that’s the effect of Cavislim. The machine breaks down the fatty tissue, transforming it to liquid substance.
It’s the slimming machine that will help you reach your fitness goals.
 Cavislim still needs your help in exercising and balancing your diet. The machine only aids you to lose weight easily, but not necessarily the only thing you should do to achieve your desired body.
You can kickstart your new year by melting all the fats, caused by the holiday feast, then combine with regular exercises for a fitter you.
In case you’re near Robinsons Galleria, you could try that branch located on the 2nd floor, where you’ll meet Dale and Kath. Two lovely ladies who regularly assist me when I’m in the branch.
Are you game to melt down the fats with Cavislim to help you?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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