Limited McDonald’s Coca Cola glasses are back! 
If my blog has its own ears, it could probably hear your murmurs discussing your game plans on how to collect all 6 designs.
Like me, I know you can’t hide the excitement of collecting the much-awaited iconic Coca Cola Glasses every year. Looks to me as the tradition of every McDonald’s or Coca Cola loyalist. 
“The Coke Glass campaign, which is already on its 7th year in the country, is a testament to the strong partnership of McDonald’s and Coca Cola, here and around the world, as both companies continue to connect with customers by injecting fun into everyday experiences,” says Kenneth Yang, McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO.
You can take home any of the six 2014 Coke Glasses by adding only Php25 to a purchase of a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal. Also, the promo is valid for your purchases of a BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle and breakfast Extra Value Meals. 
This 2014, Coke glasses take their inspiration from graphic elements colored in light grey. Six visually distinctive patterns – diamond, linear, mosaic, pixel, ripple, and steel. All designs look very elegant yet playful to touch with its distinctive textures. 
I’ve heard questions from people on how to avail the glasses with the box. To answer that, I’m not really sure. I received the glasses with the box already 🙁 I suggest, please ask the branch where you’re getting your glass and they might have boxes with them.
How many Coca Cola glasses have you collected? 
Are you planning to add the 2014 McDonald’s Coke glasses to your collection?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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