Valor Chocolates
Is it possible to indulge in chocolates without the guilt? Every woman desires to eat as much as they want, chocolates specifically, and never ever get fatter! That’s our daily wish. Do you agree, ladies? And you gents as well?
Common misconception about chocolates would always make chocolates turn out as a devil. The picture of worrying on extra added pounds to our body often passes our mind when we are tempted by chocolates displayed in stores.
Valor’s sugar-free Chocolates stops you from deprivation of munching on your favorite snack.
Here are 5 reasons to satisfy your taste for premium chocolates sans the guilt:
1. Natural Sweetness 
The chocolate brand Valor contains natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Maltitol. Stevia is a green, leafy plant native to South America, where the leaves have been used there for centuries as a natural sweetener. According to studies, it is 15 times sweeter than sugar. On the other hand, Maltitol is a bulk sweetener produced from naturally occurring compounds in wheat and corn, both renewable sources. These natural sweeteners enhances the real cocoa flavors of chocolate.
2. The Darker the Chocolate… the Better.
More cocoa, less sugar, the formula to a healthier chocolate snacking. Valor Dark Chocolates passes the healthy test as it is a great source of antioxidant, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
3. Pleasure in every bite.
Enough said. Chocolate gives pleasure, cures your heartache and hugs you when you need comfort. You’ll feel that kind of pleasure from Valor Chocolates.
4. All-Natural Ingredients
Valor Chocolate experts craft great-tasting chocolates from bean to bar. These guys made sure that its pure, rich taste come from quality cacao beans transformed into luscious chocolate bars.
5. Less Calories… Same Great Taste.
The words we all want to hear. Sounds like music, right? No need to avoid those tempting candy and chocolate aisle as you can now say yes to chocolates with sugar-free bars but still enjoying the same great taste. Ideal for weight-watchers and sugar conscious men and women.
Valor Hazelnut Spread

Valor Hazelnut Spread knows you watch your weight too much. The spread comes in 2 variants, regular and sugar-free. Regular variant is made with 13% hazelnuts, while sugar-free keeps its natural delectable taste despite being zero in sugar.

I ran out of bread, which left me with no choice but to act like a purist and snack on this Valor Hazelnut Spread all alone.

Have you tried Spain’s no. 1 sugar-free chocolate brand, Valor Chocolates?
Share with me your thoughts, foodie! 🙂
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