I would see silver bells, Christmas lights at night, even hear Christmas carols in public places. It’s really Christmas time in our city! This makes me want to go outside and celebrate more with people I haven’t been hanging out for a long time.
I don’t know about you but I’ve been getting invitations for Christmas parties as early as November. And for some of them, the word ‘potluck’ is involved. Can you relate? Well, you might be encountering difficulties on what delicacies to bring to your family this time around. I’m sure we all want to impress and make sure we bring good food that will make our family and friends say the word, “yummy!” For my personal suggestion, I’d like to introduce you to my recent discovery, “Art of Pie.”

Art of Pie

Love for cooking has always been in the blood of Chef Kyra, the woman behind Art of Pie. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Pasadena, California, she always knew that cooking will bring out the best in her.
Now why did she choose pie? 
Two reasons. First, according to Chef Kyra, making pies allow her to apply every technique she learned from her rigorous training in school. Second, she prefers to stick with pies over other products because of its versatility, from sweet to savory.
“Perfectly imperfect and handcrafted,” this makes Art of Pie stand taller from the rest.
The Le Cordon Bleu chef’s passion for pies mirrors in every pie she creates.
Her formula of patience + passion + precision results to an exceptional piece of art, and that’s what you call, Art of Pie.
Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie
Rate: 5/5
The buffet table of potluck food consists of appetizers to desserts. Art of Pie hits the mark of starters and sweet enders. As a starter, this photogenic mini Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie brings sophistication to any occasion. Partnered with wholegrain crisp-bread crackers, there’s no guilt in starting off the caviar way.
Like a layered cake with sheets of cream cheese, eggs, onions, smoked salmon, roe and tiny pieces of lemon slice for a citrus touch. You’d want to set the trend of bringing caviar pie for your potluck. Am I right?
It’s good to know that Art of Pie supports eco-friendly packaging by using jute strings made from abaca. No chemicals are added to their packaging boxes and cracker bags to change their natural organic appearance. To be more specific, the fiber used in Art of Pie’s boxes are from SFI or Sustainable Forestry Initiative lumber. These are lumber collected and reforested utilizing environmentally friendly places. Have you noticed their wooden fork made from solid birch wood? That’s biodegradable and compostable. Now that’s what you call responsible to our environment!
Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Cream Puff
Rate: 4/5
More and more Filipinos are getting familiar with the trendiest ingredient of the season, matcha green tea. As a matcha enthusiast since high school (yep, long long time ago!), I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t fall in love with Art of Pie’s Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Cream Puff with Chocolate Ganache. From the packaging alone, I would think it’s something I bagged from well-known bakeries in the metro.
The drizzled pistachio and chocolate ganache alone draw attention. What more if we swim inside and break it in half?
Oh boy, smooth matcha green tea cream surely pulled my hand closely to grab a huge bite. I adore the balance of flavors going on with the pistachios, chocolate ganache and matcha green tea cream.
Nutella Banana Cream Pie
Rate: 5/5

Kids and adults of all ages would want to get this Nutella Banana Cream Pie for their birthday. I looked over-reacting when I used my fork and took my palate for a trip to this cake. Absolutely freaking awesome!! This is what Christmas diet is all about! No hesitations, no to saying ‘no!’

The most wonderful time of the year deserves a special cake like this.
I have to say this in Filipino, “Crust pa lang, panalo na!”
In English, the crust alone is already a winner!
The more you dig, the more you can’t stop ending your dessert.


What do you think of Art of Pie’s creations for your Christmas potluck?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Location: 12 Butterfly St. Valle Verde 6, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Pick-up address)

Contact: (+63 917) 509-4855

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofpie
Instagram: @artofpie
Budget: PHP800++

Originality 9/10
Packaging 9/10
Taste 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9/10