My feet itch to step out of the house most of the time, especially if the agenda states the part I love the most, “eating.” Although there are days in my 20s where my body drags me to go out of the brown doors of my home and eat out but my mind instructs me to still chew on home-cooked meals. Do you get the craving for homey food even when you’re not in your real home? A different but similar ambiance with similar dishes you see in your own dining table.
Count Avi as your choice of neighborhood restaurant at the far end of Kapitolyo near Pioneer Center for home-cooked meals in a more sophisticated ambiance. The first question an intrigued guest would as is, “Why Avi?” Avi, Catalan term for grandfather, relates to how we relate home-grown comfort food to our grandparents who started the influence of food in our homes. Dean Dulay, one of the owners of Avi, figured his experience in Barcelona Spain influenced a large portion of his first restaurant. Hence, choosing a Spanish term sounds fit to his whole concept.
I seated on the couch side with O while Dean seated across us. Intimate dinner started with few introductions care of Dean and his engaging academic life in Spain and in school. The food didn’t take long. After a number of minutes seated on the couch, food arrived on the table chosen by Dean. I didn’t have the freedom to browse and choose from the menu anymore since I’d like to believe the dishes he chose for us were Avi’s best.

The Food:

Tita Terry’s Tasty Tuna Tare-Tare (Php 230)
Rate: 4/5
As I flip through the pages, the first dish that poked my eye was the Tita Terry’s Tasty Tuna Tare-Tare. Whew, what a long name! You have to read it right when you say the name to the waiter. Anyway. I’d give Dean a fist bump for reading my mind and knowing my taste in ordering this for us. I don’t see this as a home-cooked tuna appetizer but by the looks of it, I’d want to hold and squeeze the lemon and grab my fork to attack.
Taking a glass of white win with my tuna sashimi marinated in sesame oil and spices was ideal that time. No wine for me during that dinner but I think the cosmopolitan taste deserves one.

Sous Vide Hanging Tender Steak (Php 330)
Rate: 4/5
Sous Vide Hanging Tender Steak, called as the best-seller of the house maybe because of its precise tenderness of meat. Warm and lean pepper crusted steak lying backward on a long bed of mashed potatoes.
The bed of mashed potatoes graces you with its heavenly and heavy loading taste.
Papa Jack’s Crispy Chicken Adobo Overload (Php 230)
Rate: 5/5
Slow cooked chicken legs in Avi’s homemade adobo sauce infused with dark chocolate and gravy. Your temper from the heavy traffic of edsa will change its gear after a small bite of this one-of-a-kind chicken recipe.
I’ve fallen in love with the twisted adobo sauce that acquired a hint of sweetness from dark chocolate.
Sissy Hazel’s Pork Schnitzel (Php 290)
Rate: 3/5
2 pieces of pork chops with rice didn’t perk me on a high level. I agree that most Filipino find comfort in pork chops and rice. Unfortunately for me, it staked as an ordinary dish after the line of twisted comfort food served. The execution of a distinctive pork chop could be evident but I was not completely impressed. It may have been too sweet for me. Yet I admire the consistency of the pork’s texture combined with its crunchy edges and skin.
I believe there’s no harm in ordering if your idea of comfort food is packing your stomach with breaded chops and rice. The good old favorites.

The Ambiance:

In coffee colors that puts a mellow note for you to unwind and stay put for their food of comfort. Suspended bottles with lights don’t look offbeat as they add elements of playfulness to a room that feels serious at first glance.
Parking could be a problem during peak hours, usually at night, since Avi is located in a building beside 2 other restaurants. If walking a short distance wouldn’t bother you, the nearby Pioneer grocery is an option.
“Home brought closer to you.”
You may be stuck in Edsa, as always. Take a turn to Kapitolyo for a quick stopover dinner at a place that gives a treatment like home.

With my relaxed aura and outfit, I truly felt at home away from my home.
With Dean and O
Will you take a stopover at Avi for some sophisticated home-cooked meals?
Share with me your thoughts foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 20 United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:30am-3:00pm / 5:00pm-11:00pm
Contact: (+632) 648-5637
Twitter: @avikapitolyo
Instagram: @avi_kapitolyo
Budget: PHP300++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10