Last time, I took you to a Chinese food trip around Banawe Quezon City for Chinoy TV’s pilot episode. This time, we jump off from China and head over to Japan as I take you to 3 ramen spots in Quezon City for another segment under Chinoy Charts.
Sandwiched between two funny and good looking Chinese men, Mr. Chow and Willord joined me take a trip around Quezon City to taste bowls of Japanese ramen. Mr. Chow is Chinoy TV’s resident food expert while Willord is the main host of Chinoy TV since it started years ago. As for me, I’m the lady who’s extremely passionate about food, in eating specifically. Hehe.
“ChinoyTV is a 60-minute lifestyle magazine show that tackles various topics on Filipino-Chinese lifestyle. It features people, events, sports, fashion, food and other interesting items that cater not only to Chinoy viewers but to Filipinos and Chinese Culture enthusiasts as well. The show tackles up to date information about the latest news and events within the community.” -Chinoy TV Press
Using Enhance Cosmetics blush set, I opted for a fresh light swing of brush on my cheeks. It was a sunny food trip day, an occasion to stay on the fresh side of make-up. Well, that’s actually my default. Less make-up is more for me.

First Stop: Kokoro Ramenya

Upper G/F Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
I skipped breakfast to prepare my stomach to accommodate large bowls of ramen inside. We started lunch time at our first stop, Kokoro Ramenya. The first Kokoro Ramenya I’ve tried, and even blogged about, was the branch located along Roxas Blvd. I recall the flavors of their beef teppanyaki and Hakata Classic embracing me and my family.  That was a lovely lunch we had.
The ambiance had a slight resemblance to their first branch but the branch at Fisher Mall looks cooler and more casual. Probably because of its mall location.
Hakata Classic (Php 325)
I knew they’d serve us the best-selling Hakata Classic again. Kokoro Ramenya must be really proud of their creamy Tonkotsu noodle soup. Watch our episode today, and replays this week, to find out who loves it more than me. You’ll also see that I discovered new favorites that made it to my list.
As we sat close to the window, the view of Quezon Avenue gave us the traffic update without checking MMDA app on our smart phones.

Second Stop: RYU Ramen & Curry

220 MJB Bldg., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

We didn’t wonder what cuisine RYU Ramen & Curry serves from the name itself and the tone of the interiors and colors.

Ryu Ramen Curry (Php 300)
Curry, one of Japanese’ comfort food, is the key ingredient of RYU’s ramen and rice dishes.
Classic Tantanmen (Php 280)
Specialty of the house that leans on the spicier angle of ramen using miso broth.
We were told we couldn’t leave the room without getting ourselves a try of their Tantanmen specialties. You have to watch our episode to know more of what we tried and what our thoughts on them.

Third Stop: Go-en Japanese Ramen Shoppe

Unit B1, Jardin De Zenaida, 34 Sergeant Esguerra Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, MM, Philippines
Based on first glance, the last stop Go-en Japanese Ramen Shoppe appeared to be the most authentic compared to the other two ramen shops. Japanese magazines, toys, cartoon masks and ornaments decorated the square-shaped restaurant. Go-en is the only five yen coin without western numerals, which also served as a good luck piece in Japan.
Go-en was very secretive in sharing us details about their ramen recipes. Protective of what their ramen sensei (teachers) taught them I suppose.
Cheese Ramen 
A prominent hill of cheese crowding my ramen. That’s their miso-based Cheese Ramen my friends!
More of Go-en’s dishes when you watch our Ramen episode on Chinoy TV.
The three of us had our eyes in one direction. All seriously staring at our own plates.
Have you tried any of these ramen restaurants?

Share with me your thoughts! And don’t forget to catch us on Chinoy TV! 🙂

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