How can you keep your eyes away from desserts if you stumble into these luscious mini treats in your kitchen?
Early in the morning, while I was working with my jump rope, the guard called to advise about the delivery coming to the house. Few minutes after he called, our maid received the delivery and showed me a box of sweet goodies. My oh my! I had to stop from working out to take photos of these sweets sent by Sugar Babies Desserts Unlimited. What a show stopper!
Two baked girls  – Casey and Marie – are self-confessed ‘sugarholics’ who live and breathe with what they love the most, food. Both in the industry of developing recipes, styling food and creating pastries, opening a joint venture on their signature desserts named Sugar Babies Desserts Unlimited is not a huge surprise to people surrounding them.

The Desserts:

Costra Dulce (Php 210, Box of 4)
Rate: 4/5 

The blend of dulce de leche and banana custard mousse covered in a chocolate cookie tart shell smoothly caused me to forget about my paused workout session with my jump rope. Its nutella ganache glazed on top spawned enthusiasm to take the next bite. I had to take it slowly since there were more desserts in the box I’ve gotta taste.

Mon Cheri Citron (Php 235, Box of 4)
Rate: 4/5
Sharp mixed berries on top deceived me thinking it was a tiny cup of berry cheesecake. The surprise taste of dulcified lemon and yogurt with granola crust came after digging in.
Muele de Chocolat (Php 175, Box of 4)
Rate: 3/5
As described by Sugar Babies, this piece of Muele de Chocolat should be exquisite strawberry mousse sandwiched in moist chocolate fudge crinkles for a blissful aigre-doux bite. Muele de Chocolat was delivered to me in good condition, but after storing in the fridge for a day, it fell flat with no strawberry mousse left visible. My fault. I should have ate it right there and then when I first encountered it.
Chocolat de la Mer (Php 135, Box of 2)
Rate: 5/5
No decorations or fancy colors required for me to fall head over heels with Chocolat de la Mer. Truly this lavishly dense chocolate squares suffused with decadent salted caramel filling secures satisfaction in one snap.
La Maria Francesca (Php 170)
Rate: 4/5
Sugar Babies’ signature indulgent chocolate cheesecake and fresh mango mousse on a fine chocolate cookie crust and enveloped in a rich chocolate glacage. Appeared a little messy from my point of view. The chocolate slimed down to the layer of mango mousse after cooling them in the fridge. Still, the taste remains coordinated well with each other’s layers of sweet ingredients.
Pistacia Oro (Php 165, Box of 6)
Rate: 4/5
Came across to this pair of pistachio shortbread with pistachio and pineapples. Unusual medley of flavors that was executed effectively to be loved by pistachio takers.
Have you guessed which one’s my favorite?
From the box of Sugar Babies desserts, Chocolat de la Mer stood out. I had to savor this single piece to share with my sister Reine.
You’ll see how rich the layers of dense chocolate spiked my appetite for chocolate.
To get a taste of these Sugar Babies desserts, you could visit them at CrumbsList Katipunan or give them a call for your orders. Scroll down for more details.
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