The climax, the highest point and the ultimate reason why we flew from Metro Manila to Puerto Princesa Palawan is this.
Finally, we arrived safely to one of the wonders of our world, the Philippines’ very own Underground River of Palawan!
The morning sweat from Ugong Rock Adventures was just the beginning, more like a warm-up for the most-awaited part of the Palawan trip. We finished noon time at Ugong Rock so we took a break for lunch at the town of Sabang. Fuelled up our bodies with rice, meat and a cone of ice cream to combat the heat.
From where we ate, we took a short walk to the dock station. The last transportation to reach the ultimatum.
This is it, the boat ride from Sabang sailed us all the way to the main entrance of the Underground River!
Before any adventure begins, I don’t want to miss documenting what my eyes could see. O took charge of setting up the Go Pro camera on me.

WARNING: Do not bring any plastic or show food to these monkeys. For these monkeys, plastic bags are equivalent to food. Do not even attempt to open your bags. I’m serious. They are smart yet dangerous! My dad opened my mom’s bag and to his surprise, the monkey was behind him ready to grab my mom’s bag. Naughty monkeys of Palawan. You can’t play games with them or you might end up losing.

Short walk from the entrance to the river doesn’t require any high endurance from your body. Once you’re there, all you could think of is the wonderful nature our country has. Mother nature around beautifully distracted me. I didn’t notice how far I’ve walked.
The magnificent view from where I was standing. The Underground River explained to me what paradise is. January 28, 2012 serves as the historic date for the river being one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. 
Colors of brown, blue and green jive altogether creating an image that is too photogenic. If only I know how to properly paint this picture, I will. The sight of this river reminded me of how glorious heaven could be. Standing still, listening to the beautiful sounds of nature, it was really a marvellous feeling I want to bring back.
We went to the other side of the river, away from the crowd waiting for their boat ride.
The river is located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range, western coast part of the island. The weather coordinated with us, brought us the rays of sun for all our photos to be in perfect harmony.
All ready to sail and be explore the inner core of the Underground River. Dad was responsible for handling the flashlight for our boat group.
Inside the longest underground river cave in the world, we saw rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites. I had to place a cloth above me in case one of thousands of bats hanging above me decides to excrete its dirt.
In deep quietness and in peace, the tranquil river calmed us down throughout the exploration inside the cave.
Safe to the shore, we were all speechless with what our eyes have met but our faces show the opposite. I hope the Palawan government maintains its good governance and management of our world class Underground River.
Indeed, I conclude that it’s more fun in the Philippines!!!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout