I feel out of shape when my nails are out of shape.
Okay, that sounds very “kikay,” perhaps ‘girly’ in other words. I won’t hide my girly side because I’m really obsessed with keeping my nails clean and in shape. My mom scolds me often times, telling me to rest my nails once in a while. Remove the colored paint and keep it bare at least a week. I listen to her advice, sometimes. Only when she reminds me about it. Hehe. So yeah, I did rest my nails for a week. However, I couldn’t take it anymore. A week was too much so after resting it, as I obeyed my mom, I went straight to a new nail salon I discovered in Quezon City, near Tomas Morato and New Manila area.
Make Me Blush, a new salon at Hemady Square, happened to catch my eye with its retro yet sweet feminine logo. Off-peak hours seem to be the best time to get my pampering done at the nail salon. Since O was with me, I didn’t want him to just sit around and finish his phone battery playing games or reading the news. Make Me Blush may look like a salon strictly for women but I found out that they also have services, which men could avail. For O, he availed their body massage while I was sitting pretty getting my nails dolled up.

The Ambiance:

Will you look at that adorable rainbow space. Every couch sprinkled with candy colors, setting the mood of a joyful afternoon for me. What I adored most was the neat and fresh ambiance. Its cleanliness added comfort and trust to how they’ll be pampering my nails before the session.
The room was empty, I couldn’t decide which couch to sit on. I suggest, if you have the luxury of time in the afternoon during weekdays, choose that time to go out for your nail pampering.
Meanwhile, O owned this room for his 1.5 hours body massage. According to O, he found it difficult to rest his eyes and fall asleep because of the loud party music coming from the salon room. Haha! The good part was, he enjoyed every second of his massage without falling asleep.
At the corner left of the salon, I found this space for those who needs their hair pampered as well. Other salon services happen in this chic floral room.

The Service:

I already knew what type of service to get, even without reading their list. I had to doll up my nails, that was the solid plan.
To begin my manicure and pedicure session at Make Me Blush, the nail technician Ingrid asked me to soak my fingers in warm water. Many agree that soaking procedure is the best way to prepare the nails, especially the cuticles.
While preparing my hands and feet, I selected color combinations from Make Me Blush’s nail polish collection. Let me tell you, they’ve got the best brands to paint your nails. Gel polish or ordinary polish, the brands displayed surely suit your taste. That was the case for me. I already had colors in mind but their nail polish collection troubled me for a little while, confusing me which is which. I ended up choosing my favorite color pink, Sally Hansen pink, mixing it up with Essie pink and silver glitters.
Foot massage before the real nail polishing part relaxed my outgoing feet even for a minute.
Final touches for my toe nails. I ended up almost the same time as O’s body massage. As I looked at the clock, I finished after 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not bad! The nail technicians were very focused, professional and courteous all at the same time.
Good points: Make Me Blush showed its consistency in cleanliness, from start to end. The tools used were sterilized and properly organized in its respective kits. Nail polish collection didn’t only struck me with the numbers but with how they were all neatly displayed.



Make Me Blush Nail Spa and Beauty Lounge may not be convenient for all of you ladies. But if given the chance to be at the Quezon City area, I suggest you should give your nails a shot of their pampering. I hope you’ll end up like me, a happy customer of this nail salon.
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Location: Hemady Square, Unit 303 86 Doña Hemady St. corner E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm
Contact: (+632) 234-9529
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makemeblush
Instagram: @makemeblushnailspa