Two individuals with completely different personalities, different interests, different cultures, different backgrounds and different minds. 
With these differences, working out a relationship is not that easy if you come to think of it. As I assess our relationship, there is puzzlement in me trying to patch things how we work it out. How we share the happiness together in all circumstances. We’re not in a stage to brag about our relationship since it’s not perfect at all, very flawed I believe. But we’re in the process of experiencing the joy of God’s goodness in our lives, especially in our joint life. 
As we Share a Coke with each other, I would want to share a slice of our relationship with you, my readers. 

Share the Love

Being in a relationship means, I must share the same commitment with another person. 
Yayks, sounds deep! Before I thought of committing to him, I honestly had a hard time thinking about this part. It felt like a gamble. Throwing my bets, my dices, my chips, on one person. I know it’s nothing compared to getting married but we’re on the dock of that boat. We need to ride the correct boat to get to our ideal destination.
For O, he started his commitment by choosing to pursue me. Whenever I ask him how his life was transformed and how he thought of choosing a life partner, my heart rejoices as I hear God speak to me. In a way, that was sort of a kilig moment for me. If you want to know more about his side, I suggest you talk to him. :p
Now we’re committed to start this relationship correctly, we are both responsible in holding our shared lives together. 
He needs to hold on. I need to hold on.
The big question is, how do we consistently make it work?

Share the Blessings

 Apart from my family, O is the person I call up when I have ‘praise reports’ or good news to share. We celebrate each other’s blessings together. Selflessness is thrown away in the picture once you’re in a relationship. Technically, we are still single on papers. But in our hearts, we practice thinking as one, not two. When we are blessed in a certain situation, we both text, call or even meet up to share the lessons we learned and rejoice whether it’s a small or big kind of blessing. 

Share the Fun

Sharing the fun is simple as laughing together, getting loose and put seriousness on the side.  You don’t have to go out of town to experience “fun.” We simply laugh at the silliest things in life. He loves to stay updated, read and listen to the news. So whenever he finds some weird news, he reports them to me right away and we both just enjoy exercising our laughing mouths together. 

Share the Joy

By the grace of God, we share not only the moment of happiness but the joy of having similar principles in life. We may be different in our own ways but having a common denominator of prioritizing God above all things keeps our hearts as one. 
Both of us are still in progress… In the meantime, we share the joy of being where God planted us at this moment. 🙂
I shared a coke with O. How about you? Did you share a coke with anyone?
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout