Years ago, not knowing any single thing about coffee buns, mom asked dad to stop in front of the sign Kopi Roti along Katipunan Avenue. Our family, just fond of stopping by new restaurants, find pleasure in stopping by new random restaurants and trying it out. I was a teenager back then, probably on my 2nd year in high school. Mom asked for the best seller and the lady at the counter gave us the house specialty Kopi Bun. From that day, Kopi Roti became one of our family’s favorite stops along Katipunan.
That story is a throwback to 9 years ago. Now on their 9th year, Kopi Roti keeps rising by adding new recipes on their menu.
A little background about Kopi Roti, the brand is known as a traditional Singaporean coffee shop serving specialty breads and coffee. In 2005, the brand pioneered in introducing the famous Kopi buns to the Philippines, which is still well-loved up to this day.

The Classic Favorites:

Kopi Buns (Php 45)
Peanut Butter Toast (Php 45)
Homemade Roti Kaya Toast (Php 55)
Kopi Buns and toasts, also known as the classics, are staple items on the menu that kept the brand Kopi Roti strong and running in the Philippines. It’s easy to love Kopi Buns, especially in a country that’s used to dipping plain pandesal into a hot cup of joe. The Filipino tradition of mixing coffee and bread in one shows the easy appreciation of Filipinos to what Kopi Roti brought to the country.
Milo Dinosaur (Php 65)
Kids who grew up with milo raise your hand. Yup, I raise my two hands. That’s me! A childhood drink that’s overflowing with milo powder on top of ice cold milo mix.
Soft Boiled Eggs (Php 35)
Soft-boiled eggs in special soya sauce and white pepper gets on my list of staple orders at Kopi Roti. I can’t leave soft boiled eggs behind. With a piece of Kopi Bun, I’ll surely need my small plate of soft boiled eggs.

The Newbies:

The love for Kopi Roti doesn’t stop with the classics. To add more delight to Kopi Roti customers like me, Kopi Roti proudly adds more dishes on its 9th year in business.
To start off, here are three Kopi Bun sandwiches on the list…
Kopi Bun Chicken Satay
Rate: 4/5
The famous Kopi Bun cut horizontally in the middle, sandwiched with grilled chicken satay, shredded cabbage and marinated onions. The Singaporean blend livens up with its satay flavor that teams up with the coffee bun accordingly.
Kopi Bun BLT
Rate: 4/5
Nicely and freshly done with its pan-fried bacon and tomato lying on top of fresh lettuce. A carnivorous sandwich you would need to pump up your day.
Kopi Bun Pulled Brisket BBQ
Rate: 3/5
It gets messier this time with slowly braised beef brisket in adobo flavored barbecue sauce and cabbage slaw on top. A sweeter blend that’s my least favorite among my list.
Kopi Roti’s toasts gets better and tastier this time too!
Roti Bacon & Cheese Toast
Rate: 4/5
It’s not too late for Kopi Roti to roll out more dishes with bacon. Thinly sliced toasted bread with kaya spread, pan-fried bacon and melted cheese cheddar. The saltiness and crisp of bacon pairs up evenly with a slice of cheese beside it.
Roti Egg & Cheese Toast
Rate: 4/5
Combining cheese, egg and kaya spread could never go wrong. Imagine a glass of milo dinosaur with this toast, the kids will bug you to get them more of this.
Roti Cheese Toast
Rate: 4/5
After watching Chef the movie, eyeing on grilled cheese sandwiches became non-stop. Even this Roti Cheese Toast, a combination of kaya spread and melted cheese cheddar, made it to the top of my favorites at Kopi Roti.
As Kopi Roti turned 9, the motion is only in one direction, to keep rising and soar higher. The new flavors of Kopi Bun and Toasts looks to be a strong start for Kopi Roti’s 9th year.
What do you think of it foodie? Have you visited Kopi Roti lately?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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