With Aussie Chef Steve Shrimski
Diamond Hotel’s Corniche presents Flavors of the Land Down Under.
Last August, I was nostalgic about Australia when I entered Diamond Hotel and saw Australian flags waving all over the buffet station. The celebration of Australian food and culture happened at the lobby floor of the hotel, exactly inside Corniche. To emphasize the celebration, decorations of Australian symbols like their famous koala had to be in sync with the food prepared by Aussie Chef Steve Shrimski.
At the elegant dining hall of Corniche, Chef Steve showcased the best of Australian flavors with the use of special ingredients like crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo.
For some, they started the buffet with greens and fresh veggies. As for me, I went straight to the point and opened my eyes widely to spot the Australian flags. That means, those are the Australian dishes prepared by Chef Steve.
Crispy Crocodile Swag Bags
My Australian walk at Corniche began with Crispy Crocodile Swag Bags. I spotted the right bag, right away. Crispy wantons with crocodile meat inside, that’s what you call swag!
Balsamic Mushroom and Arugula on Ciabatta
Clean flavors of balsamic mushroom and arugula slid merrily into my throat. Partnered with ciabatta bread, it’s a gourmet entry to love.
Aussie Sausage Rolls
Puffed rolls with stuffed sausage seemed usual at its first look. The impression slowly changed after the close look and real taste of its puffy bread with meaty sausage enjoying the company together in my mouth.
I skipped these oysters when I saw the next kind of oysters beside it.
Oysters with Warrigal Greens & Macademia Nut Pesto
May I present to you, the winner of the night – Oysters with Warrigal Greens & Macademia Nut Pesto. This flavor from the down under won my heart! Its nutty macademia flavor makes a difference, adding extra chunks of texture that blends perfectly with fresh oysters.
Pasta with Kangaroo Meat
There was nothing to be afraid of, it’s just kangaroo. I didn’t want to think how cute and good-looking they are, while I was indulging in my plate of Kangaroo Pasta. Chef Steve blended in flavors that are sharp and enticing, straightforward and delightful.
Aussie Beef Medallions
To add to the festival of Australian flavors, Aussie Beef Medallions was a striking choice I had no regrets eating.
Prime Rib Steak
O and I shared a slice of medium-rare Prime Rib steak to complete our Corniche buffet.
To keep our plates busier, the dessert station entertained us and made us forget about staying away from too much sugar.
Cookie jars to pick at anytime.
Highlights of my dessert trip was Chef Steve’s Praline Pavlova. A sweet ending of strawberries and cream on a mini plate.
I haven’t seen a koala bear this huge. What a cutie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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