I imagined myself to be like Dora the Explorer during my trip to Sydney Australia. Most of the time alone in the city with my backpack bag on. 4th day of my stay in Australia, I opened up my backpack and got the map I acquired from our hotel lobby. While gazing through the map, the icon that attracted me was the one with a koala bear.
As I was creating a general plan on what to do during my short stay in Sydney, what I placed on top of my list was to see a live Koala Bear in front of me. I didn’t want to miss the chance to see at least one Koala Bear. Not being desperate, but that should be part of anyone’s trip to Australia. I was certain this plan to see a Koala Bear would work out.
Well…. it certainly did.
There I was at Sydney Wildlife World and found what I was looking for, cute Koala Bears.
I was so starstruck to see a bunch of these creatures climbing up the tree. If only I could take home one with me, I would. But too bad that was just an ambitious thought. For now, I could only take home a photo with them.
Fact or Myth? Koala Bears are actually not bears. They are marsupials like Kangaroos, which means they can carry their young in a pouch.
I don’t like the traits of a Koala Bear, it’s so not me. I only appreciate how they appear but not their characteristics. They spend most of the time resting and sleeping. If I say most, that’s about to take up 20 hours out of 24 hours a day. The remaining hours, they spend it for eating and moving from one tree to another to at least socialize. So not me! If I were an animal, Koala Bear is absolutely not my match.
Another iconic animal of Australia, Kangaroos. Drizzle outdoors caused the kangaroo on the photo to look haggard and dripping wet.
Fact or Myth? Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.
Mom and I had a hard time taking photos of ourselves. Whenever there’s a chance, we ask a stranger or staff from the zoo take our photo.
That’s the problem if you don’t have a tripod.
Part of our trip to the zoo was to take a tour inside Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.
The sea lion’s lair where people can view but not touch nor play with them.
This is one of my favorite rooms at the zoo. Observing sea lions fascinates me.
The giant tunnel aquarium, just like in Ocean Park. This one was really long!
Staying under the tunnel gives me the relaxation to watch over the fishes swimming above me. I can say it’s relaxing and therapeutic for stress minds.
Get close to the shark and its fins.
This is another favorite part of the zoo. This giant aquarium never fails to give us photo shots worthy to share.
The whole day visit at the zoo kept my stomach empty for a while. I was already in Australia, so I didn’t miss to grab a steak after a tiring day tour.
All for myself! If this was in the Philippines, I’d probably share one plate with someone else. But hello! I was in Sydney, land of steak. My stomach will be at stake if I don’t treat it to a scrumptious steak evening.
Oh that was such a day of wildlife and sea creatures! A field trip for grown ups let’s just say.
I had the best time with mom, learning about life not just about wildlife.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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